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Unpopular Opinion: Heavy Rain Sucks

Heavy Rain sucks. It is a bad game. It is bad, bad, bad. (Heavy Rain , PS3)

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Godmars290  +   1321d ago
Funny, thought that was the popular opinion? That in fact its another love it or hate it game.
Canary  +   1320d ago
I don't think so. Heavy Rain is one of those items that attracts rabid fanboys who can't tolerate any criticism, period.

God knows why.
egidem  +   1320d ago
I enjoyed Heavy Rain! I liked playing the game because for once it was something fresh, different from this shooter filled genre. It had different play mechanics - not just running and shooting. Plus it was a good game to replay and make different decisions, then see the outcome - awarded with bonus trophies as well :)

Edit: Poisonous-Snake beat me to it.
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sikbeta  +   1320d ago
It's not difficult to find people that didn't like HR, the game is unique and not the norm, I liked it, it wasn't brilliant, but it was really good IMO, gotta respect the opinions of others though
RememberThe357  +   1320d ago
I actually think the game was quite brilliant. The way they connect all your decisions and allow you to control the direction of the story is brilliantly implemented(not to mention the quality of the story itself). Theres a reason we don't see this kind of story telling in videogames; it takes a lot of work and a brilliant mind.

I can understand why some people would enjoy it, but for what it is, it is brilliant.
grifter024  +   1320d ago
Agree with remember.

The reason we dont see more games like this would be because of the casuals and subsequently look at what happened to Mass Effect.

Mass Effect was suppose to be like Heavy Rain just on a larger scale since it was going to be 3 games but it was dumbed down to a generic shooter.

Personally once I started playing Heavy Rain I loved it and couldnt put it down till I was finished. There were some parts that the game mechanics were irritating but other then that it was a good game.

I am actually looking forward to what else they bring out.
Brownghost  +   1320d ago
what a loser u got that comment from the website this vid is from. be original for once
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MsclMexican  +   1320d ago
I never considered heavy Rain as a game

Even Quantic Dream never considered it that...

Its an Interactive Drama,and one of the most unique genres to ever grace gaming.

It started with Shenmue, but I found HR very engrossing and interesting from start to finish

I'll take it over a generic war fps anyday
Bolts  +   1320d ago
This "game" is over rated as hell. It must take rabid Sony fanboy to cling on to the thought that this collection of random button presses is anything but steaming garbage.

It's not the mechanics, the worst offender in this crap fest is the plot. It makes no god damn sense. For a story driven game like this to have such multiple glaring plot holes is inexcusable.
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JackBNimble  +   1320d ago
besides the fact that heavy rain is a heeping pile of sh*t, it also has zero replay value once you have completed the endings.

I owned it for 1 week before it went to the recycle bin... then again this is just my opinion, and you know what they say? opinions are like assholes, every buddy has one.
FlameBaitGod  +   1321d ago
Don't know if this guy is serious or trying to be funny.
Prince of Lies  +   1321d ago
I feel your hate. It makes you stronger.
Poisonous-Snake  +   1321d ago | Intelligent
Heavy Rain is indeed a breath of fresh oxygen and exactly what this industry needs instead of repetiveness shooters.
Ps3thebest   1320d ago | Spam
Tainted Gene  +   1320d ago
oxygen ....lol
GilIsMunny  +   1321d ago
You're like Adam Sessler's psychotic fanboy.
x800  +   1321d ago
Well this nerd doesnt know shit.
i loved it, if heavy rain 2 comes out ill be the getting it day 1 the story is very touching.
they tried something new with this game and i think the game is excellent.

were u hoping for another fps game? like cod?
KILLERAPP  +   1321d ago
I bet he loves COD....
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NukaCola  +   1321d ago
"Heavy Rain sucks. It is a bad game"

Didn't catch the part where David Cage said it's not a game, it's an interactive drama. Clearly is confused.

Anywho, I loved this title. One of the most immersive titles areound to be quite honest. I have never played anything like it, even their older titles were nowhere near the caliber of HR. Heavy Rain takes all your fear and hopes and dreams and thoughts and emotions, mixes them up and sends them flying back in all directions. You are really on a thrill ride here of emotion. No other game digs at you like HR.

Here's something interesting: The opening scene during the birthday party set up, when you play out side with your kids, you can play with nerf swords. It is a simple QTE but I always fail it on purpose becuase I can't ever see myself beating my kid. I have a little girl and I always want her to fell like a winner so every time I played it I let Jason win. I literal allow my emotion and how I would personally react control how I play Heavy Rain. That is the goal of it and what Cage wanted. Using your own emotions and feeling to immerse you and drive you forward. That is power no other game has accomplished. No other game has really given you a choice like HR has, and I really love that QD creates something unique in a world of point A to B shooters.
vortis  +   1321d ago
Um yeah their older titles are like Heavy Rain, just not as polished.

So far, Quantic Dream has yet to outdo their pinnacle achievement of Omikron, which was an interactive adventure, role-playing, open-world, fighting, driving, FPS, multi-character, spiritually-oriented, multi-dimensional sci-fi game. There hasn't been any game on any platform like it since.
Redempteur  +   1320d ago
you forgot the bowie "touch" that made the game even better .

And yeah there is nothing like it so far
Laxman216  +   1320d ago
Farenhiet/Indigo Prophecy is their best game. The story is unlike anything ever written in any medium.
Leon Thomas  +   1321d ago
Calling it something else does not excuse it. I am aware that it was called an interactive drama. That is mentioned in the video. "Interactive drama" is a genre of game. It is not something all to itself. It is played on the Playstation 3. It is reviewed at game sites. It's a game.

Further, if it is merely an interactive drama, it is a poorly-written drama.
Biggest  +   1320d ago
Okay. We get it Stan. . . I mean Leon Thomas. You turned 10 recently and now everything sounds and looks like s**t to you. Can you please hate on good somewhere else? You're kinda bumming us out, dude.

sxbrady  +   1320d ago
Do you know what a good game is?
Ranich  +   1320d ago
"Here's something interesting: The opening scene during the birthday party set up, when you play out side with your kids, you can play with nerf swords. It is a simple QTE but I always fail it on purpose becuase I can't ever see myself beating my kid. I have a little girl and I always want her to fell like a winner so every time I played it I let Jason win. I literal allow my emotion and how I would personally react control how I play Heavy Rain. That is the goal of it and what Cage wanted. Using your own emotions and feeling to immerse you and drive you forward. That is power no other game has accomplished. No other game has really given you a choice like HR has, and I really love that QD creates something unique in a world of point A to B shooters."

I totally agree. While I'm not a father, I am an uncle of three little ones. I -always- allowed Jason to win in the sword fight because I know when I'm playing with my niece and nephews I always allow them to win. I absolutely loved this game and this game was the reason I purchased a PlayStation 3.
gravemaker  +   1321d ago
beat if three times, loved every second of it, best new game this generation
buckley  +   1321d ago
I'm sorry, but if you're concerned with the forwarding and maturation of the game industry, you would be welcoming Heavy Rain with open arms.

Let's applaud the developers who still have the balls to put a narrative in the forefront of a game. They're sorely needed.
Leon Thomas  +   1321d ago
Except that the narrative is full of holes, which is the major complaint of the video.
buckley  +   1321d ago
It's certainly not perfect, but it certainly feels like a step forward rather than a step back.

And inconsistent or no, it's made me much more interested in the next story that Quantic Dream will tell rather than the next tired FPS.

Even if it isn't a complete success, thank god someone is trying to do something different. Quantic Dream is one of the only developers trying to adapt the adventure game genre to the current generation.
Leon Thomas  +   1321d ago
It's more than not perfect. It's completely full of holes and senseless. If it were just imperfect, there wouldn't be much of an issue with the plot. I would only have issues with the gameplay.

By the way, I almost never play shooters. The assumption that a few people have made here about Call of Duty is both incorrect and knee-jerk. Also, using shooters as a lowest common denominator to justify Heavy Rain as a "smart" game isn't enough.
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buckley  +   1321d ago
It's all opinion, of course. And you're certainly entitled to yours. But like you said, it's an unpopular opinion, so you're definitely gonna catch flak for it, and especially on a gaming discussion site.
Leon Thomas  +   1321d ago
I'm not arguing against the fact that I'm in the minority. I'm arguing against your points.
buckley  +   1321d ago
Fair enough. I would consider "senseless" a gross exaggeration of the game and the result of emotionally-charged vitriol.

FMV being a better alternative? I loved The Beast Within back in the day, but FMV has run its course. The most theatrically impressive games these days are just motion-captured 3D animation. I can't think of a single situation over the past few years where FMV becomes a better alternative. We're well beyond the days of Wing Commander 3.

I know that a huge complaint you have is that no matter what you do, you'll reach the end. But one of the main aspects of this game is that there are persistent consequences, and characters that die stay dead. If you have to replay scenes over and over so that you don't screw up, there's nothing left that needs to remain consistent. I came away with the notion that the game wasn't shooting for challenge at all, but rather just emotional presentation.

And yeah, there are numerous plotholes. But the only reason they're being nitpicked is because it's being held to a much higher standard than pretty much any other game that attempts to tell a story. If we were to talk about plot holes in video games, the conversation would never end. It's an area in which the entire industry needs to evolve, but we're comparing Heavy Rain to games. I impatiently await the day that game narratives hit the quality of novels, but for now, let's compare apples to apples.

It's a polarizing game. Is it the best adventure game ever? Certainly not. But its success does show that a game based almost entirely around storytelling can still succeed in today's industry, and if it convinces one more dev to try a little harder to tell a narrative, mission accomplished.
Redempteur  +   1320d ago

you took the words out of my mouth i agree 100% to that
smashcrashbash  +   1321d ago
Please, I love how gamers try to talk about plot holes and snafus in games that attempt to tell a proper story while people play games with the crappiest, nonsensical, unbelievable stories ever and don't even flinch.

Heavy Rain is an attempt to weave a complex story and even in the best stories there will be slight inconsistencies or plot holes. But like any attempt to try something new in the gaming world instead of it being encouraged, it gets picked to death and every little thing torn to shreds. This is the exact reason why developers make the same game over and over again.Would rather listen to HR's flawed story, then listen to other game characters standing around vomiting out dialog and one-liners and babble on endlessly.

Just imagine people go on about why the characters don't use umbrellas. Who cares?
JaredH  +   1320d ago
Well the games main draw is it's story as it's an "interactive drama." That's why the plot holes are talked about more than plot holes in games like COD. It's like complaining about Call of Duty's online since that's it biggest feature.

Ya they tried something new and people complained but if your main draw is the story they should have made it as cohesive as possible like making gameplay or online as good as possible in other games.

I liked the game overall but the big reveal as to the killer was like a bad horror movie. It might just be that I'm a big fan of horror and thrillers though so I see a lot of reveals.
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smashcrashbash  +   1320d ago
That doesn't excuse you for nitpicking. Many of the greatest stories, movies etc had plot holes, inconsistencies and unexplained scenes but are still seen as great movies. Like most games I play I see and accept the flaws it has but to call HR a bad game because of a few plot holes is ludicrous.

Then we should start misusing points off of all games for bad stories too if HR is such a problem. I just think its funny how everyone calls out games like UC2 for being cliche and predictable but refuse to downplay or minus scores from other games with horrible dialog and pointless,dull lifeless stories.HR is a step in the right direction and should be encouraged and learned from, not scorned.
hiredhelp  +   1321d ago
Heavy Rain was still is one of my fav ps3 titles.
This game had some deep shit going on i loved the story i felt drawn in. thats without the gameplay. Witch many may or maynot like. Awsome i want HR2
SCW1982  +   1321d ago
A great game with horrible language barrier issues. It would have been so much more enjoyable with decent non accented voices. Still a great experience if somewhat flawed.
swinesucker  +   1320d ago
Play with french voices and subtitles. This IS a french dev.
Redempteur  +   1320d ago
i'm french and i play english voice .The game was made with and original casting of english voice , it's occuring in a American city ... play in english ..
The voice acting is good considering what they have to do ...
trouble_bubble  +   1320d ago
I feel like I just time travelled into the Terminator universe and have to ask someone what day this is, what year lol! Is it 2011 or 2006?
denero1  +   1320d ago
oh god i can already tell where this article is headed -_-
blackhammer  +   1320d ago
Loved the game, until the big reveal which I felt was a hunk of shit. Practically a retcon.
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JoeReno  +   1320d ago
And the big reveal was spoiled by some Ahole member of this site for me. I still played it, and liked it (once I got past "jason.. jason.. jason")
kneon  +   1320d ago
If you pay attention all the clues are there to point you to the killer, who was my prime suspect pretty early on. The clues are all there and had me convinced long before the reveal.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1320d ago
LOL he still watches Power Rangers. Nothing to be taken serious here.
cyclonus007  +   1320d ago
I let a friend borrow Heavy Rain and he hated it. I asked what ending he got and he told me the things that happened during his play-through and I realized what the problem was.

He sucked at it. Hard.

He made every wrong choice possible to the point where the game leads you by the hand to the lamest possible outcome. He said the story sucked but the truth is the way he played HIS story sucked. The game isn't perfect by far but it does reward you for taking it seriously and punish you for not paying attention.

More games should be like that.
jeeves86  +   1320d ago
"The game isn't perfect by far, but it does reward you for taking it seriously, and punish you for not paying attention."

+ bubs for you man.
swinesucker  +   1320d ago
I don't agree. I play this with MOVE controls, and french voice acting and it perfectly gets me in that foreign movie mode. Yeah, it may not be a total masterpiece but the French voices cover up some awful american ones and the MOVE works fantastic. I would not play this any other way.
remanutd55  +   1320d ago
i totally love Heavy Rain , i have played it 3 times ( once with the psmove ) , cant wait to see Quantic Dream's next project .
jeeves86  +   1320d ago
Unpopular opinion = lookin for hits. It's right in the title.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1320d ago
"It's like Bioshock all over again" To clear up any confusion: Utterly phenomenal.
gamerz  +   1320d ago
Agree that Bioshock (and B2) are phenomenal but he was talking about the install times.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1320d ago
Yes, I know.
r21  +   1320d ago
in my opinion, its awesome :D
Kakihara  +   1320d ago
I must admit, while I don't think Heavy rain sucks I do desperately want David Cage to realize that he really needs to work on his writing and directing. The plot, characterization and execution of both Heavy rain and Indigo prophecy were so cheesy and cliche ridden it was almost unbearable. I can't believe that anyone who thinks Heavy rain was a deep mature drama has seen anything deeper or more mature than Saw 3.

You can tell the guy likes to think of himself as a David Lynch or James Ellroy of the videogame world but his creative output is really closer in tone and maturity to the nameless director of any late night made for TV erotic drama.

I do love the innovative gameplay of Heavy rain, I really hope we see more games built on similar gameplay (although it would be nice to have a few more genuine choices and a few less instances of making you believe you're making important choices until you replay it and find out things wouldnt have played out very differently if you chose differently anyway) If I didn't enjoy the game I'd just let it go hut since I enjoyed so much of Heavy rain and saw so much potential in it, I really can't help but wish David Cage hands over the writing to somebody else or steps up his game.
VictoriousB13  +   1320d ago

Related video
Silly gameAr  +   1320d ago
Some recent headlines from articles on N4G.

"Uncharted Beta Is A Mess, How to Win At Uncharted"

"PSN Sucks! Ways to Improve"

"Resistance 3 Flops. NPD Sales Revealed"

"Is Uncharted 3 Overhyped"

"Why Do People Like Kratos?"

"Unpopular Opinion" Heavy Rain Sucks."

"Is Uncharted 3 Overhyped?"

"Did Naughty Dog Sale Out with Uncharted 3?"

Why does stuff like this get approved, while the real news just sits there waiting for approval?
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BitbyDeath  +   1320d ago
Cause people with 1 bubble are still allowed to approve jobs...
elshadi  +   1320d ago
i agree
they say N4G is a HUGE pro ps3 site
yet almost all the articles are attacking the ps3 and it games
Poisonous-Snake  +   1320d ago
Madison Paige is a cutey rock! Both the real and digital version!
coolasj  +   1320d ago
He has an annoying voice.
That is all.
earbus  +   1320d ago
It was ok but i still think omikron the nomad soul is better but it has one of the best video game stories ever made,quantics best work for me.
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blakstarz  +   1320d ago
U suck because you probably can't relate to what it is to be a father and deal with adult-type situations.
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