Unreal Tournament 3 gets 9/10 from GamesRadar

Although the art style is closer to Gears of War's grittiness than the usual UT gaudiness, UT3 feels like UT. Almost defiantly so. Its critics say it feels floaty? Well, now it's got hoverboards. Too many different things going on at once? Now they're doubled. The vehicles are even crazier. You play CTF and Onslaught at the same time. There are deployables, time fields, sandstorms, giant tentacles from space, core floods, pressure plates, gravity warps and supertanks. No one can promise that if you liked UT, you'll love this. But man, if you didn't like UT? This will make you sick.

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MK_Red4017d ago

Now this is a better score. I don't think UT2003 was that bad but it felt too slow and less UTish compared to original. UT2004 was a blast and I can't wait for the ultimate UT2007 / UT3.

Maldread4017d ago

Hope the PS3 version will turn out just as great too.

I don`t think Epic would let it be out before it was ready though, as it`s their show of title for the PS3 and they`re a very talented company.