It's okay for a grown man to play Japanese video games

"I used to hide the fact that I played cartoony Japanese RPGs, but then I realized: it's okay."

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NukaCola2411d ago

Never thought it wasn't ok.

Orange2411d ago

And if that Japanese video game is Dark Souls, it's okay for a grown man to cry.

gamingdroid2411d ago

Well video games although made cool by Nintendo, still has a stigma. Japanese video games have an bigger stigma attached to it, due to the cultural differences between Japan and the West.

Let's face it, as an Asian, I still don't understand these things even when I'm very familiar with the manga/anime scene.

So is it ok? Sure, but maybe not with the general public.

Keith Olbermann2411d ago

Just dont let your wife or girlfriend see you doing it. :)

SaiyanFury2411d ago

Bah I've been playing JRPGs since the mid-90s, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. My wife and I just had our first daughter, and I'm going to encourage her to get into them once she gets old enough. The author was right about western games. So many characters are huge, musclebound, steroid-injected men (think Gears of War) or oversexed women. I like the fantastical settings in Japanese RPGs, and I'll be playing them until I'm dead, I'm sure. :P

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Kurisu2411d ago

Eternal Sonata! How I wish I didn't trade you in :(

CaptainMarvelQ82411d ago

I think the writer is questioning himself,no one said it wasn't ok.

jc485732411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

jrpg has always been one of those in between type of genres, while Western games are straightforward. You look at Gears for a example, you know the game is designed for adults. Heck, there were times when I found Pokemon games to be quite intimidating.

Edit: I'm pretty sure any of us in the past has questioned ourselves about what is or isn't ok to play. You simply forgot or you're on denial. It's like the time when I questioned myself if it was ok to play Silent Hill even though I was already old enough to play the game or was I? In the end, any player can learn a lot from an rpg especially if you're trying to take a time off from reality.

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The story is too old to be commented.