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RUMOR: Sega Developing Shenmue 3 For PS3? - PSM3 November 2011


''The November 2011 edition of PSM3 is carrying a mysterious rumor regarding a potential new entry in the fan-favorite Shenmue franchise, speculating that Sega may be actively working on the long-awaited Shenmue 3 for the PS3.'' (PS3, Shenmue III)

Hard to tell
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gillri  +   915d ago
oh please please please!!
Rikitatsu  +   915d ago
This is like, the 3424599th rumor about Shenmue 3.
evrfighter  +   915d ago
a new shenmue would be pretty cool regardless of what platform it comes out on. Despite how old it is the franchise has a pretty big fanbase.
SilleGamer  +   915d ago

Yeah, hopefully this rumor actually carries some merit this time!
disturbing_flame  +   915d ago
And actually if it's the case, a game like Shenmue needs about 3 to 4 years of development with a dev team working everyday on it @ 100%.

I don't think the secret would have been kept during those years. So if the game is planed that means they just start to work on it, so the realease would be set to 2014 or 2015. Looks not credible.

Actually if Sony & Sega wanted to make a good move, this partnership would have been a very smart project. YAKUZA is by far one of the greatest game of the Japan market, and it has been really successful on PS3.

Like you said it's the 156553535th rumor of a new shenmue anyway...
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Biggest  +   915d ago
Unfortunately, the actual fanbase is pretty small for Shenmue. Luckily, it has the "OMG YOU MISSED IT?!" appeal of games like Ico. The projected fanbase of a new Shenmue is much larger than the amount of sales the games had. I was reading that the originals had to have been purchased twice by each and every Dreamcast owner to begin turning a profit. If a new Shenmue is being developed, it's a safe bet that either the production costs will be extremely low, or it will be released on all platforms. I'm excited (and hopeful) for the game either way.
DragonKnight  +   915d ago
Knowing Sega, it will be on handhelds and not be localized for NA. Valkyria Chronicles anyone?
waltyftm  +   915d ago
This would make my Millennium, i would forgive Sega for every crappy game they have released if this happens.
SilleGamer  +   915d ago
A new Shenmue title would be nice.

Sega know that there is a market for Shenmue 3.

Just make the announcement! :)
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sinncross  +   915d ago
Man, if true, they so need a Shenmue HD release for PS3 before this releases.

Long. Live. Play!
WhiteLightning  +   915d ago
I would like a HD release....never got a chance to play them when they were out. At this point I'd rather wait to see if they do a HD version of them.
gapecanpie  +   915d ago
I highly doubt this is true..... I believe there will be a Shenmue 3 just not this gen but when it do come it will be on the next Xbox... The main reason I feel Sega didn't do a Shenmue 3 this gen is because they didn't want to put it on more then one disk for the 360 as it would make the cost for them go up. Shenmue during it time had the highest development cost of any game (now I think killzone 3 hold that record but im not for sure) and Sega didn't make that money back, I think it is safe to say Sega don't want that to happen again.
caseh  +   915d ago
Cost too much to produce and didn't sell enough. They won't invest that kind of money again, it almost put them out of business.

Yu Suzuki's head almost ended up on the chopping block, surprising when you think this guy pretty much made Sega who they are today with games like Outrun and Space Harrier.

Just face the fact that Sega will often release a wanted game anything up to 2 years after it was released in Japan...unless its Sonic, then it sees a release every two months. Bah!
Optical_Matrix  +   915d ago
Where is Dark Sniper?
kashif22m  +   915d ago
Sega Please Release Shenmue3 along with Shenmue1 and Shenmue2 before we Die .............
SilleGamer  +   915d ago
A HD compilation comprising Shenmue 1 & 2 would be very a welcome and enticing purchase.

Hopefully there is one in the works.
bumnut  +   915d ago
Why for PS3? Did the original Shenmue games come out on PS?

I played them on Dreamcast and Xbox, but I don't know if they came out on PS.
xX_Altair_Xx  +   915d ago
They didnt; but they failed on Xbox and Shenmue would have to be released on a console that at least has a presence in Japan since that's where most sales would come from. So either multi, or Sony/Nintendo exclusive.
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bumnut  +   915d ago
Thanks for the response, it was a genuine question and I get 8 (and counting!) disagrees!
tarbis  +   914d ago
You know people here. That's why it's called N4G - not 4 genius.
xX_Altair_Xx  +   915d ago
It's only been 10 years; take your time guys!!!

Shenmue 1+2 among my best of all time; still got my DC and both games :)
telekeneticmantis  +   915d ago
No more rumors!
Develope the game.
contra157  +   915d ago
Having shenmue 3 would be great I am very happy if they do choose the playstation 3 system platform.PlayStation will be able to give shamou a big opportunity to have a big environment. However I don't think this will happen since shamou is more popular in japan then in the united states. We can hope though since I personally think it would sell well here but I don't know , let's all keep our hopes positive. You never know with Sega.
snake90902  +   915d ago
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee segaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ZombieAssassin  +   915d ago
As much as I want to believe it I can't, heard this rumor too many times. Also I figured Sega would release 1&2 on PSN or XBL beforehand to see if there is a market for it.
Wizziokid  +   915d ago
please god let this be true!!

I would give up any game for this, Shenmue = all time Favorite game
EVO-OM3GA  +   915d ago
Only reason I can see Sega developing it for the PS3 is simply due to the the PS3s dominance in Japan.

I would welcome a new Shenmue regardless of what console its released on
Disccordia  +   915d ago
These guys are six months late to the party, we all know that Shenmue 3 on PS3 rumour only happens before e3!
nyobzoo  +   915d ago
KillerPwned  +   915d ago
PS3 sales would probably soar if this game was developed especially in the JP region. Hell I think a good about of other people around the world myself included would buy this game. Its one of Sega`s few games and chances they have at making something truly great and banking in a lot of cash.
dilatedmuscle  +   915d ago
If this game comes out for PS3... im buying a PS3 solely for that game.
RENJI66  +   915d ago
Hope this is true wating a long time for shenmue 3 , hopefully the do Shenmue 1 & 2 HD so the can get new players into the series
Acquiescence  +   915d ago
Just make it Sega...
Get on with Shenmue III. Use an existing graphics engine if you have to, just give the people what they so desperately need.
RyuCloudStrife  +   915d ago
hmmmm I heard something like this first @ HHG http://www.youtube.com/watc...

credit where its due.
ZombieAssassin  +   915d ago
You know how many people have said it before him...all of them are just guessing he deserves no credit.
Farsendor1  +   915d ago
just seems to me like the game will be on all platforms most sega games are multiplat.
josephayal  +   915d ago
The MAGIC of Blu-Ray
RufustheSage  +   915d ago
Get back to me when there's a actual release. In the meantime, I wish they would re-release 1 and 2 for download. Would love to play them both again.
NYC_Gamer  +   915d ago
sega won't bring us the final game in the franchise :(
chaos-lockheart  +   915d ago
Come on make it, he still needs revenge for his father, we want to know the ending
tiffac008  +   915d ago
Sega make it so and take my cold hard earned cash!
But will you please localize VC3 too. T^T
ps3rulz  +   915d ago
Please stop with these rumors, I can't take much more punishment.
If sega make shenmue 3, my gaming life is complete.
narutogameking  +   915d ago
Only On Playstation.
MadMax  +   915d ago
Stop teasing us with this shit already! Still have Shenmue for my Dreamcast. One of the best gaming experiences of all time for me and ive been playing games for a very long time!
Jls1  +   915d ago
wow id sell all my games for this one game
Emilio_Estevez  +   915d ago
I think we all wish it were true, but it's prolly not.

tarbis  +   914d ago
I'll take this with a big mountain of salt.

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