Battlefield 3: Jets on Operation Metro and more - The big Beta-Glitch-Compilation

The Battlefield 3 beta featured some great glitches and bugs. Some people recorded them and here's a great compilation of the funniest videos.

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CrimsonEngage2618d ago

Can someone translate this in PROPER ENGLISH!? Seriously, what is this giberish - "Metro Jets at surgery are not possible? That is correct. Some 3-player Battlefield wants this, however, mimicking the flyer - thanks glitch. PC games will show you the most entertaining errors of the Battlefield 3 beta."

ElDorado2618d ago

Ahahahahahah that shit is hilarious +bubbles for you.

leogets2618d ago

how do you get more bubbles? im only aloud to post 1 post.if someone asks me a question to my post i have to ignore them.hate that shit.

Farsendor12618d ago

have to post something that other users agree with.say ps3 is the king of exclusives or ps3 has the best graphics out of any platform

Jayjayff2618d ago

oh come on man surely you can't be serious.