11 minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay Footage Released

Square Enix Japan have just put out some new gameplay footage for Final Fantasy Type-0 - a whopping eleven minutes of footage of the game in action, showing off exactly how the combat in the PSP title works.

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AP2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

This game looks absolutely incredible. Square Enix getting something right on this one.

Tanir2620d ago

they only got ff13 wrong lol, every single psp game they made this gen has been awesome,

13 wasnt that good and 14 was so bad the producer got canned and is being redone.

type zero and Versus 13 look amazing.

and honestly, ff13 was the only game they made this gen lol (Last remnant was saga frontier dudes, and star ocean which was awesome is tri-ace)

LightofDarkness2620d ago

Well, this completely trumps any FF game in recent years.

Tanir2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

to me it looks like the best FF game since ff8.

with versus being the only thing that will pass it in the coming years

[email protected] Light of Darkness

I wasn't a fan of 9 personally. but I see what you mean.

and yes this game has everything an FF game should have, thats why im also hyped for Versus, tons of content, gameplay and world map / airships etc

LightofDarkness2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

I'd have to agree to a degree, although I'd personally nominate IX as the last "great" FF. But judging from this video, this game has simultaneously done the two things every FF game since the PS1 era has failed to do: completely capture the essence of classic FF games (world maps, chocobos, airships, mini-games, creative world design, juxtaposition of technological and medieval fantasy) while actually advancing the series in a meaningful new direction (combat/gameplay looks outstanding and modernized). I am absolutely flabbergasted by the amount of content that's going into this game.

Ddouble2620d ago

Speechless! Where do i even start and all this on a PSP.

AP2620d ago

Maybe for the west they'll do a vita port.

LoLZoRz2620d ago

looks great and everything, but since there are tons of characters -how are cutscenes and story gonna work? how will character development turn out? is there even a main protagonist?