Kontraband: FIFA 12 VS PES 2012

Chris Pickering writes: "With the two big football gaming heavyweights now both on the shop shelves, we stuck the pair on a carpet like pitch to see who can score enough goals to ultimately take home the trophy."

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Masta Kaos2592d ago

I prefere PES.....FIfa doesnt do it for me, no matter what review scores say are im buying PES because most reviews are frm people who never played football or follow it. True football fans that i know play PES

Pintheshadows2592d ago

PES has been on a downward slide since 5. It barely resembles the real game anymore and FIFA is far more of a challenge on World Class or Legendary than PES ever was. And if you want to say i'm not a real football fan go ahead. But the ensuing "discussion" won't go well for you.

Anderson82592d ago

i dont know what the appeal of pes is.. if they sorted the animations, ball physics and got some more licenses then i may consider it.. but its feels too outdated to me. the only thing it has going for it is the champs league and thats not enuff..

all "true" fans i know play fifa pro doesnt even get a mention anymore

Baka-akaB2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Most "true fans" i know play PES instead . While fifa is usually the go to easy to pick up game till 2012 .

The licensing has always been an issue , about wich pes fans dont even care much anymore . It's going to be underwhelming every year , and every pes fans knows how easy it is , even on consoles to custom patch the game to get everything .
What do you want them to do here ? EA as usually buy out and monopolize licenses whenever they can .

Meanwhile Fifa isnt nearly as mods and custom patches friendly , when it comes to adding what's actually missing .

And you do know what the appeal of PES is ... it just doesnt work on you . Plenty people jus prefer PES's gameplay , and usually (at least till the still excellent fifa 12) bigger challenge .
And they did sort everything you listed . Just dont expect it yet at fifa's levels , or identical to it .