More BF3 Footage of Grand Bazaar

After the embargo lift, new footage showing off Grand Bazaar on PC has surfaced.

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Dart892615d ago

Map looks good can't wait 11 more days.

gazgriff2k122615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

im worried why? rage was supposed to have the best graphics on console when it was released the reality is that it is a texture pop up mess. battlefield 3 is also supposed to have the best console grapics in reality looks like a screen tearing mess. are third party devs pushing the consoles to far?

Hufandpuf2615d ago

The video quality is low.

leogets2615d ago

screen tear is ni existant now mate. this must be poor video quality

Shadowaste2614d ago

Did you mean nigh existant, or non-existant??

Nigh means near.

thespaz2615d ago

Mark my words


It's not from the crappy video. That's how the game is. Just accept it.

gazgriff2k122614d ago

i hope next gen there's no screen tearing, pop up, texture problems, bugs and low framerates they can keep the graphics the same as this generation as long as the games run perfect

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