Final Fantasy 14 PS3 still alive

Eurogamer: "Square Enix has re-announced the PlayStation 3 version of MMO Final Fantasy 14. It plans to integrate the "current service" and the PS3 version into an "all-new" FF14 between October and December 2012."

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zackacloud2615d ago

That mean Versus will be around FF14 Ps3 release date.

SQ very stupid because late or middle of 2013 we will see a lot of things related to next gen console.

dangert122615d ago

FF14 will be on next gen consoles you just start here carry on here or there plus i wont be going into the next gen till everything is cheap id rather get a new pc

decrypt2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Yea but you may need to buy a copy for the PS4 again, even if it does have BC it will play the game just the way PS3 did, you wont see any improvements in graphics.

Although no PC gamer liked the game, it was a terrible game it wasnt a success on PC because the MMO market on PC is very saturated with many great MMOs out there. They dont need to buy a new copy when they buy a new GPU or so, the older copy just looks and plays better.


When you play a PS2 game on the PS3, does it magically have better assets? nope it doesnt. It looks and plays just like it did with the PS2. I would expect the same if Sony was even to consider giving BC on the PS4, also there are so many games on the PS3 are they going to update the visuals on each and every one of them, i would say not a chance they would rather charge for a HD remake. If they dont give BC then there is no question people will have to end up buying it again.

dangert122615d ago

I don't think you'd have to buy it again...big mistake if you do,who's to say they won't update visuals? and they said they will have the game in proper condition for ps3 launch unlike pc which they admit they failed

dangert122615d ago

difference between those games and this game is there not on going mmo they are no longer being catered for they won't stop catering for ff14 after they release it on ps3 look at what ccp said about dust and next gen and updates etc

GoldenPheasant2615d ago

Dude, with the way things are going on the MS front, the next xbox is going to be synonymous with Windows 8. So basically, whatever is going to be available on a "PC", gaming wise, is going to be on the box...running wonderfully stagnant Directx API.

SlickShoes2615d ago

They should just kill off any idea of bringing this to PS3, its an abomination on PC currently, who on earth will be interested in this game in late 2012?

decrypt2615d ago

Would be funny if console gamers have to buy the game on the PS3, then again have to buy it on the PS4 a year later.

Leonesaurus2615d ago

"its an abomination on PC currently"

Apparently, by the sound of your misinformed tone and rude comment, you've had your head in the clouds with the games current state and progress it has made.

And I'll have you know, I've talked to many of many gamers through my videos and on N4G that are still very interested in FF XIV, FF in general and this game coming to PS3.

So there. I said what deserved to be said.

SlickShoes2615d ago

The game is still a mess, I am aware of what patch 1.18 and 1.19 have fixed, they promise the earth and deliver very little other than dumbing down the game further.

You can powerlevel from 1-50 in a day now, materia grinding is ridiculous, the item, crafting and dying systems are pointless now, the UI is still horrific with lag as is the combat.

Why did it take them a year to add an airship cutscene for travel and chocobos? thats bog standard stuff.

Just because I am not a FF fanboy does not mean I don't know what I am talking about.

Sieg2615d ago

Might as well scrap this and finish Versus and start on 15....

GoldenPheasant2615d ago

Another sign that Squarenix to some extent have their head so far up their IP hoarding/milking keister they don't know up from down anymore. I say to some extent because someone over at their evil dairy mountain headquarters has the sense to have Squarenix be publishing some strong game(s): mainly I'm talking about Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

In regards to people talking about it being on early next gen, or rather getting bumped to early next gen, I disagree. Saying that, I will remind everyone banging the "next gen" drum to simply look when this generation started and rethink their stance. No matter how powerful the next Playstation and Xbox will be, there will be an overlap, not the overlap in systems, but an overlap in assets used to make games due to the publishers still wanting (for obvious reasons) to support established platforms. So just like in the PS2/Xbox days when the PS3/360 dawned, and multiplatform was ps2/xbox/ps3/360...early next gen will be PS3/360 games that will be ported to Playstation Curbstomp (dammit! its going to be called that) and Xbox Skin Flute.

Rantski doneski.

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