13 Upcoming PC Games to Watch Out Before 2012

The PC game lineup for the remaining months of 2011 happens to be nothing short of spectacular. All the high profile games we’ve been waiting for and yearning to play are trying their best to grab every player’s attention for their bucks in exchange for well-spent gaming satisfaction.

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ATi_Elite2619d ago

I didn't care too much for their list so I made my own plus they left The Most anticipated October PC release off the list......Take On Helicopters!

Take On Helicopters
Battlefield 3
Guild Wars 2
Star Wars the Old Republic
DotA 2
Cities XL 2012
Football Manager 2012
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
Afterfall: InSanity
Might & Magic Heroes VI
Two Worlds II Velvet edition
PAYDAY: The Heist

Laxman2162618d ago

Is that a joke? You think Take On Helicopters is more anticipated than BF3 on PC?

ATi_Elite2618d ago

well for "ME" Take On Helicopters is gonna get more game time than BF3! I'm very Eager to learn how to pilot a Chopper! I've been Flight stick and Pedal shopping and getting everything ready for TOH! I have even started looking at a Hydraulic set-ups! TOH is gonna be a kick arse SIM!

I just scratched the surface of Red Orchestra 2 and having a blast playing with some SERIOUS gamers! Sure BF3 will dominate and be the second coming and all but the intensity, realism, and strategy of RO2 is what me and my LAn buddies like!

we are ALL getting BF3 but TOH is a great SP experience and BF3 is gonna have to share time with RO2. I play more SP modes than MP modes so that's why for me TOH is most anticipated game this OCt!

billy20102619d ago

ATi_Elite, thanks for the supplements. Mores are welcome!

oddhead2619d ago

Suck that I have to wait 6 weeks extra for Batman and Assasins Creed. All I need is Battlefeild to keep me bussy though.

Been playing Rage on PC. It satifies.... for the moment.

hiredhelp2619d ago

Well i want to know what 2012 has in store much has been said just hand full of games been kinda quiet.
Yet E3 over and Gamescon

ATi_Elite2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

2012 list of games that I might buy:
Counter Strike GO
Kingdom of Amular
Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm
Guild Wars 2 (if not 2011)
Arma III
Natural Selection 2
World of Darkness
Dust 514 PC (I don't care what CCP says it's coming)
Planetside 2
Black Prophecy
The Secret World
Forged by Chaos
Blacklight: Retribution
Star Conflict
X Rebirth
Tribes ascend
Metro Last Light

hiredhelp2619d ago

LOL ATI as much as im a Nvidia guy at the mo.
That list helps cheers dude bubble voted.

Bolts2619d ago

Talk about fail. Sim Pets and Need for Speed? Really?

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