100° Report: PlayStation 3 price cut helping console recover

Cnet has posted an article stipulating that the recent PS3 price cuts have re-envigorated the lacklustre sales of the console

"Howard Stringer, Sony Corp.'s chief executive officer, said last week that the lower prices more than doubled sales of the PlayStation 3 in the United States in the first few weeks," Kim wrote. "He said that in the week ending November 11, Sony sold more than 100,000 consoles after selling an average of 30,000 to 40,000 previously."

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killercam194042d ago

they can sell millions of consoles but the games need to come

jiggyjay4042d ago

Don't need games when you can play blu ray! The price cut is probably helping the PS3 but are the owners really buying games for it or buying blu ray for it? From its dismal games attach rate and the fact that blu ray only outsells HD DVD 2:1 in software its either one!

BloodySinner4042d ago

"Don't need games when you can play blu ray!"

Because Blu Ray! is just a game, right?

ravinash4042d ago

So I'm getting my moneys worth.

Parlivus4042d ago

Its a shame really, the PS3 should really be starting to get into its a stride now.
Hopefully when Killzone 2 and MGS come out next year they'll start selling quite a few more

Skerj4042d ago

They're selling quite fine for "having no games". Price cut truly helped them out more than being detrimental to operations.

beavis4play4042d ago

what is this no game crap? have any of you played ratchet or uncharted? those 2 games alone are worth the hardware price.

Parlivus4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Well its christmas coming up... Put yourself in the parents position, all the Wii will have sold out (already have in the UK), and then whats your next choice going to be?

PS3 bundles are still relatively expensive when you compare it to the 360 bundles that are available, and the 360 has many more "AAA" titles available(I hate the phrase AAA) and the pre-owned games are generally cheaper. With the release of Halo 3 and Mass Effect I unfortunately think its still going to be a tough christmas for Sony.

Theres no denying the PS3 will come into its own in 2008, but for this christmas the relatively small software catalog of the PS3 (when compared with the 360) may be its undoing.

Lord Cheese4042d ago

not only that, if you put yourself in the position of a parent (not that i'm one) of a young(ish) child - ninty is almost the only choice. You *might* buy a 360 arcade, but its unlikely. However you're very unlikely to buy a ps3. Thats a large market almost completely closed to it immediately.

I have faith in sony enough to believe they've factored in a bad(ish) xmas this year into their investments in the platform for next year, as another year lacking in games, dissappointing firmware upgrades (v2.0 with no in-game xmb??!?) and poor sales would be a disaster.

Ri0tSquad4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

More AAA games are way more important tho.

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The story is too old to be commented.