Exclusive Memory Breakdown - See Exactly How The Parts Of Xbox Live's 'Undertow' Fit Together

MTV's Multiplayer Blog posts the following article on the technical breakdown of the Xbox Live game "Undertow."

"How much space do the graphics of a game occupy?

What about the explosions? The fonts for all the languages for all the nations where it ships?

The theme song?

I've long wondered these things and recently found video game developers who were willing to break things down for me.

Satisfying me - and hopefully your - curiosity at long last are the Mustard brothers, Donald and Geremy, creators of this Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade twin-stick shooter "Undertow."

They have provided Multiplayer an exclusive breakdown of how much room everything from the explosions to the theme song to Captain Nemo's submarine occupy in their nearly 50 MB game (49832KB)."

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