Is It "Buy Our Game New Or Else..."?

VelocityGamer writes: With Arkham City the online pass has taken a new form and it's time gamers weigh in on how we see things when developers scramble to make money off the used game market.

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zeal0us2621d ago

Only if you want to use the online features. For those who aren't interested into online gaming you will do just fine.

TurismoGTR2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Pretty much.. it's "Buy it new or not at all" I also support this pass direction due to the fact game dev's need money to make more and better games in the future instead of cutting jobs.

I believe if games were cheaper such as a $20 price tag.. sales would skyrocket.

Just stop disc production and go with downloadable cloud services like Netflix etc.


tickticktick2620d ago

You support passes then you bitch about MS charging for Live?

Noticeably_FAT2620d ago

Not exactly true, games like Mass Effect 2 and now Batman Arkham City both make you lose out on single player content if you don't buy the game new. You lose out on Catwoman on Batman and you lost a character and full mission on Mass Effect 2.

It's bordering on ridicules in my opinion.

MariaHelFutura2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

I don't what you guys thought by supporting xbl, ps+ and buying loads of dlc, skins and map packs was going to lead to. These companies are ran by business men, not gamers. You give a inch they'll take a mile. I wouldn't be surprised if they find another way to try make a few other bucks in their business ventures. Personally I don't care about the OP because I buy my games new, mainly play SP games and don't rent games. But my point remains ANYWAY these people see a place to make more $$$....they will.

raWfodog2620d ago

"But my point remains ANYWAY these people see a place to make more $$$....they will"

I agree that business men are greedy but some of this money is also going to developers (who are gamers) and they should be paid for their hard work. Better them than Gamestop...

raWfodog2620d ago

I see very little wrong with this because, in the end, you can still get it all. The only problem is with the people who need to play the game when it first comes out. I understand being hyped for a game and wanting to play it as soon as possible. In that case, you'll probably buy it new anyway on Day 1 so there's no problem there.

If you aren't pressed to play the game right away , you can still get a new game on Amazon for a huge discount ($19.99 eventually). If you buy a used game (not from Gamestop) for a huge discount, you can still get the 'online' or extra content for $10 or less and you'll still be ahead of the game.

Gaming is an expensive hobby and if you're griping over a few extra bucks for an online pass for a used game, then you may need to find a cheaper hobby.


but thats part of the problem, the more you give in the more expensive it's going to get because you are feeding the publishers with the idea that you are happy handing over your cash like that.

raWfodog2620d ago

@ dark witness

BUT we aren't paying anything "extra" are still $59.99. If you're buying the game new, you get the pass included. If you're buying used, then you should be getting a significant discount off of the game. If you're adding an online pass, it shouldn't go over the original price. Just don't buy it from Gamestop.


the way I see it I am paying extra, content that use to be on the disk gets cut down and sold to me as dlc. I am not just talking about the catwoman content but in general..

it's a general trend that is getting worse. back in the day when I bought a game I felt I was getting the full experience and there was a lot more replay value because of unlocks etc. More and more stuff we use to unlock in a game is getting tacked on as dlc which i have to pay for in some way.

If I do buy a game pre-owned then I do have to pay extra to get the full experience.

I can see that dev's want to make money. If new games were just a little bit cheaper in the first place I think a lot of gamers would be more inclined to buy more games new anyway.

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NukaCola2621d ago

I am actually supporting this online pass thing. I have been thinking about it recently. Gamestop screws people harder with used game sales than anyone else. $10 is nothing when you can honestly find games used for cheaper than GS sells them for. A used game at GS is $55. You save $5, but GS just made $20 of that game. The resale of a used game is even less and GS will make $25 of the nest victim. I'll put $10 on top of any game I can find for cheaper than $40. Anywhere, especially Amazon, who's new titles are always cheaper than $60 anyway. Best support the devs by buying a new game, but still support them if you are going to purchase their titles used. If devs don't make money, we won't get more games. Money makes the world go round. When it becomes a scam to make more money without doing anything more for us, then we can complain.

dantesparda2620d ago

You really think that the money goes to the developers? it goes to the publishers not the developer. Also dont you people realize that things like this will lead to other industries screwing us over too, i mean how many more industries to we have to have pinch us for every penny. You got ISPs putting caps on their bandwith, and charging for the extra bandwith after that. Look at all the cell phone companies with their low ass bandwith deals. So games like CoD and Halo etc, that sell like crazy also be able to do this? Are they gonna cry that they need more money too? You got every company and their mother now purposely holding back content to be able to sell it to you as DLC, MS charging to play online and the list goes on and on. Keep supporting these practices people and you'll get exactly what you's deserve.

raWfodog2620d ago

Of course some of it goes to the developers who are creating/supporting the game. But I'm sure the publisher is getting the lion's share.

"Also dont you people realize that things like this will lead to other industries screwing us over too, i mean how many more industries to we have to have pinch us for every penny."

What a lot of people are not realizing is that we are not paying more than the total price of a new game (unless you buy from Gamestop). If you buy the game new, you are getting the online price included in that price, even if you buy the game 6 months later at half off. If it's a 'new' game, thats it. If it's used and you pay about $30 for it, for less than $10 you get the online pass. You're still under $60. What's the problem?

dantesparda2620d ago

I've been gaming since 1980 and i have always bought new and on the 1st day, in my whole 31 yrs of gaming i have only bought like 3-4 games used. And i still dont like it. And the problem is that they are figuring out how to charge us more and more and unless the developers deal for a better price, no i dont think they'll much of that money

SageHonor2620d ago

Honestly the online pass has made me more cautious about what I buy.. I have 3 options

Buy the game new...

Buy the game used.. and miss out on content

Amazon and other online retailers offer new games for a deducted price.ME2, Just cause 2, BFBC 2 etc. I got all these games for 30-35 bucks NEW

Or just dont buy the game at all. For certain games you wont miss out on much. For Arkham city i was gonna buy it new anyway

ginsunuva2620d ago

Would you rather have money go to the devs, or straight to gamestop's pockets?

LastDance2620d ago

The money wont make it past the publishers mate

raWfodog2620d ago

Even if that were true, who cares? That's between the publishers and the developers. You think Gamestop upper management is sharing the profits with their store employees.

Bottom line, you're still NOT paying more than the price of a new game. And as long as you're not buying used from Gamestop, you can still get a big discount over buying new.

LastDance2620d ago

if you wanna throw money away to activision and EA go nuts.

Quagmire2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Buy the game brand new for $100, or $50 for EXACTLY the same game, but missing a multiplayer skin, a couple of weapons and a 20 minute mission.


I understand the need for giving developers money, however I would do so if they include all there pre-order bullshit and dlc on the disc free of charge. That way when stores have discounts on brand new games, I'd be more inclined to spend $50 brand new for a game which has all content included instead of the $50 for the pre-owned game.

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