GoldenEye’s Paintball Mode is Preorder DLC Only, Even Though It’s on the Disc

Kotaku - It is not unlockable without a code from GameStop, which will be given out only for preorders of GoldenEye 007:Reloaded on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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zeal0us2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

What did you expect, its Activision.

Septic2620d ago

Wow....just wow....

And then the guys at Activision ask "hey chico why you hate me?"

Ruthless, money grabbing little slut monkeys. Paintball mode....a pre order bonus....even though its on disc......F. M. L.

Oh and if anyone says "yeah but its optional", you deserve to have your testes squeezed in a vice.

Quagmire2618d ago

slut monkeys, you say?


mistajeff2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

This shit's starting to piss me off. All the preorder dlc and online pass BS, I'm sick of it. Nothing like punishing your legit consumers. I'm sure in a month you'll be able to pay $5 for an unlock key for the content you already own if you don't preorder from the right place.

Props to CD Projekt for giving all their players the retailer-specific dlc for Witcher 2 in a free update. If all companies did that, I might be okay with it, but you'll never see a beast like activision or EA doing that when they can nickel and dime you instead.