Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Preload Available Download October 21, 2011 Through Amazon and Origin

Amazon and Origin are offering Battlefield 3 PC download for $50.99, and for you to pre-load Battlefield 3 on October 21, so that you can be ready to play the game, the minute the servers come up.

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Legionaire20052470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I got a great deal from Amazon that had me pay only $10 dollars for this game brand new!!! Pre Download just makes it ten times better!!! Best game deal ever!!!

narutogameking2469d ago

Yesterday this game was #1 on Amazon.............really amazing since its a pre-order for a download. Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me.


Spinal2469d ago

Got my limited edition pre ordered on game so im happy an waitin launch!