September 2011 NPD: Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection sales

Debut NPD sales data for Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection has been revealed.

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Abash2617d ago

Nice sales for only 4 days

yesmynameissumo2617d ago

This collections was never going to light NPD up. Still, nice sales. I'm just glad they made it and I can buy it(I did).

StanLee2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Not light NPD up?! Dude, that's 92K in 4 days, on 1 console. Some big name, big budget releases don't even sell that well. That's downright impressive!

Prophet-Gamer2617d ago

Yea, this very, very good. I'm so glad people didn't just ignore it. Seriously, this just goes to show how open and diverse the PS3 audience is.

xPhearR3dx2617d ago


92K in 4 days isn't "downright impressive" lol It's decent at best, but that's about it.

EVILDEAD3602617d ago

I know I'm one of those..

Rainstorm812616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

When i went to get my copy from gamestop it was sold out, i never preorder games to avoid being left out so it was a shock to see it sold out but luckily Target had one copy left...

Not bad at all for and HD remastered PS2 game, but honestly this game is still better than many games today.....Just BRING ON LAST GUARDIAN!!!!

@ xPhearR3dx

It sold more than half of what Resistance 3 did (180k) in 4 days.....thats something to be said

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kenjix2617d ago

yeah this game outsold shadows of the damned and child of eden. Nice I think for a remake that's really good.

MariaHelFutura2617d ago

Finally, Team Timeless/Ico are getting a little recognition.

Cenobia2616d ago

Has anyone else noticed the building in the center of the art at the beginning of the game? You scroll past it at like 100 mph, but if you go back and forth as you pass it, you can make it out.

It isn't a building from either game. I think it might be a teaser for TLG and maybe an indication of where it is in the timeline.

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Relientk772617d ago

I bought it in Oct. at Best Buy for $25, very happy with that deal

DarkTower8052617d ago

There was a coupon in Gamer magazine for $10 off, I got it for $15 ($20 if you include cost of the magazine).

Relientk772617d ago

Touche, I was lazy, if it was like $10 off I woulda done it though. The extra $5 wasnt enough motivation for me lol

DarkTower8052617d ago

Lol, it's all good. I was willing and ready to pay $40 until the associate told me about the deal.

badz1492617d ago

gaming on a budget FTL! I had to choose between this and GoW Origins and had to go for GoW for obvious reason of preference and I just got Resistance 3 the week before! I will definitely bring myself to play this gem. maybe this month. I plan on buying BF3 much later or maybe not at all but there's still Uncharted 3 coming Nov 1st!'s so great being a gamer right now but limited budget is killing me!

dalibor2617d ago

Same here, I still have to get a copy myself. Can't wait though. SOTC is a hell of a game, never played ICO though so that's going to be interesting to play.

showtimefolks2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

and i think overall it did 300k world wide. Hopefully it will do well for team ico they deserve every sale they get.

ico looks great but SOTC looks beautiful

must have for fans who missed out like i did on ps2

comes back to the same thing can't wait to get last guardian

krontaar2617d ago

i'll definitely buy this when i run out of game to play, sadly this wont be for a while.

UltimateIdiot9112617d ago

Got this at Best Buy for $15 but more like $20 since I paid $5 for their magazine just for the $10 off.

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