Battlefield 3 PC players only get one soldier per Origin account

According to some disheartening news from developer DICE, PC gamers will only have one soldier per Origin account for Battlefield 3. Still, users will be able to add their Xbox 360 and PS3 soldiers to Battlelog and track stats.

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PCRockStar2622d ago

Not a big deal for me. I'm a one soldier kind of guy.

DarkBlood2622d ago

did you just qoute metal gear?

malol2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

you CAN change your screen name via Origin
but you still keep the same stat
thats if any of you guys wonder about it

anyway this is old news

Spinal2622d ago

I'm a One Battlefield Char type of guy.

But I really cant wait for BF3!!! Just another week and a half!

I'm gonna Max out Assualt so quickly love that it got the defib now. Heal and rez my comrades all day man.

Laxman2162622d ago

Yeah Im a fan of the defib with Assult now, too. In Bad Company I played most as a Medic cause you get a ton of points and its fun to heal team mates, but I was always best with the Assult guns. Now I get to do both!

kennyboy2622d ago

pc players just got owned

Spinal2622d ago

what does anyone need more than one char for?

With one char you can play any class you like.... Your comment makes no sense.

Marceles2622d ago

People like to act like they don't suck when they first start playing.

They'll play for awhile on one account and once they're good they'll start a new account and act like they started off elite.

That's the only reason I can think of.

Legion2622d ago

Well no. Console players also just have only one character per gamertag. The slots showing available on battleLog are for multiple accounts from PC, PS3 and/or Xbox 360. Meaning basically you could have one character associated per each system.

Fishy Fingers2622d ago

They could force me to play with s*** smeared on my face and it would still be my preferred choice. Better than having the s*** on the screen :)

malol2622d ago

consoles are the same tho
in fact
its the same since forever and forever well be that way

death2smoochie2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Hmmm....With one player you can paly any class...
How about this Kennyboy:

The console versions have only 24 player for multi-play and 30fps running sub HD with less visuals and smaller maps...
See what i DID THERE?

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byeGollum2622d ago

its not a problem, 'Pc gamers' modify/hack their way thru everythin'

karlowma2622d ago

The only way I see this as being an issue is if the CD Key is linked to the Origin account. It would suck if multiple people in a household each need their own copy of the game to keep independant stats etc. Otherwise, who cares?

NuclearDuke2622d ago

It is, ofcourse, linked to the Origin account and each individual in each household will need their own CD Key to keep independant stats.

PixL2622d ago

The game is said to provide at least 400 hours of unlocks and progress. If that's not enough for anybody, you can buy another copy after that year or so. It'll be cheap then.

This doesn't concern me though, I'll play on PS3 and I still play BFBC2 with my soldier that I maxed out a year ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.