40GB PS3 gets a new soccer themed packaging with goodies

CNET Asia reports that an upcoming 40GB PS3 bundle will include Konami's World Soccer Winning Eleven 2008 collectibles such as a towel, whistle phone strap and calendars.

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iilluminate3676d ago

GameStation are selling the game for £24.99.

It's tempting but the game is not without its problems. I've been away for a few days, has there been more news on the patch?

Kain813676d ago

But only for 40Gb version?

Zhuk3676d ago

A desperate bundle for a desperate console

Vojkan3676d ago

Dont be scared! It is going to hurt just in beginning, after a few minute, giant Sonys d!ck is going to fly through you azz, fa.get!

PStriple7033676d ago

yep the same console that doing as good as the 360 did it's first year.....

eagle213676d ago

this will sell a million!

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