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Price drop helped PS3 more than i thought, especially compared to the sales of previous months.

That means Vgchartz were undertracking the PS3 by about 100k and overtracking the 3DS by 130k.

Good stuff all around. Everything increased apart from the DS.

DaTruth2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Surprise, surprise...

zeeshan2617d ago

Excellent sales across every platform! Price drop did help PS3. Considering that PS3 is STILL the most expensive HD console out there, those are good sales right there! The real competition will start when there is a $199 PS3 to match the $199 360 but I guess, by the time the basic PS3 console is sold for $199, we'll have a $99 to $140 360.

Microsoft has really locked down NA region this gen and their marketing does them wonders! There is no doubt that PS3 has far more exclusives than 360 but Sony's marketing is pathetic compared to Microsoft. Their most recent LONG LIVE PLAY AD has to be perhaps the BEST video game EVER yet, I don't see it running on channels. I don't even know if it's running anymore. I hardly ever see any Sony ads on channels like G4, Spike etc. C'mon Sony, you have a THUNDER of an ad, RUN THE F*** out of it!

And to Microsoft, I must say, GREAT JOB!

Venjense2617d ago

I'm pretty sure in Canada PS3 is more popular. Live is 360s main selling point and in Canada we get half of the services for the same price.

Also, everything on 360 is more expensive than on PS3 up here due to MS charging mor for MS points in Canada than in the US.

Not that the above make a major difference on NA sales, Canada's entire population is only around 30 mill.

MikeMichaels2617d ago

Bah, NDP is a crap barometer anyway.

It doesn't include Walmart or any online retailers like amazon.

I dont think i've bought a game from anywhere other then those two sources in years.

disturbing_flame2617d ago

These are crucial months for the sells in the U.S.

September, October and November can be decisive in this year sales. Black Friday can be this day when eveything gonna be decided.

December and Christmas time gonna see all the bundles fight for the first place. And this year there are pretty good bundles and nice price for each console.

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Clarence2617d ago

Yep you are correct my friend, but some still swear by vgchartz. The PS3 is a lot closer to the 360 than what vgchartz shows.

ozstar2617d ago

Americas vs US

Chartz includes South America and Canada.

VampiricDragon2617d ago

you realize npd only tracks 60 percent of sales in the US.

That 40 percent is just floating out there. So really we have no idea if vg chartz is even more accurate or not

Anon19742617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

NPD's sample size was reported by NPD as being about 60% a few years back, where VGchartz reportedly has a sample size of about 1% and then extrapolate the rest. NPD is pretty well regarded, but the only real numbers come from the companies themselves. Quarterly update is due later this month from each company.

Good numbers for the PS3. Up almost 20% over last year at this time. That's massive. Looks like the price cut is working out for them in NA. Wii's doing about the same which surprises me. I thought it was falling off. 360 is down about 10% compared to last year.

So interesting month. Big gains for the PS3, even steven for the Wii, sizable loss for the 360. I wonder if this is a bit of foreshadowing for the holiday season in the US?

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death2smoochie2617d ago


Good god Darkride.
Can you show your PS fanboy colors anymore?
"Sizable loss for the Xbox360"

You are the biggest hypocrite on this site.
You criticize MS when they price drop their system and sales rise...However when Sony does know what you say...
Another thing:
If the Xbox360 has a sizable loss as you want to claim, it still beat out the PS3 regardless.
PLEASE. Stop posting rubbish.

kikizoo2617d ago

"it still beat out the PS3 regardless. "

hmm.....only in misinformed/brainwashed region, not worlwide ! (since forever)

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AO1JMM2617d ago

Whats your source for the numbers you are throwing out?

Aquanox2617d ago

It seems that the Xbox 360 dominance in USA will prevail until the rest of the generation... in HD consoles that is.

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Cosmit2618d ago

Those are pretty good sales for 360 and PS3. I like it!

The more popular gaming is the better.

Dlacy13g2618d ago

Here, here...well said and bubble.

I am happy to see all doing well. It was a solid month across the board. Even the Wii sold pretty well considering it has had very little in the way of new software coming out.

gman_moose2617d ago

Is anyone else amazed that the 360 continues to sell so well in NA? PS3 is now cheaper, and has way more exclusives, but consumers are still choosing to purchase the 360. I figured by now, they would be pretty much even month to month, or even Sony ahead by a bit, but that hasn't been the case. I own both, so it's hard to put myself in the shoes of someone going out to buy their first console. Must be something appealing about 360 though...

jp_footy22617d ago

microsoft marketing makes it sound that you don't need a ps3 and xbox 360 does it all.

cyclonus0072617d ago

Many people buy what their friends have. Since the 360 came out first, people were attached to that system and Live first and encouraged their friends to get it.

clearelite2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

This is MS home territory and they have a strong hold on many marketing avenues.

Considering that fact, I think Sony's sales very impressive here, although they really could be even higher.

The price point is another important factor.

@ below saying worldwide sales don't matter.
Please explain how the total number of sales doesn't matter.

Legion2617d ago

You say you own both and then go and make a remark of "Must be something appealing about 360 though....", what made YOU buy it?

It is quite the opposite in marketing in NA. Sony makes the ads stating that it does everything and you don't need anything else. MS basically sells their games with some advertising style that works for NA. The only Sony Ad that I think has been produced that has been good for Sony and NA was the latest one with the bar scene and the game characters.

You have hit it on the head. Xbox 360 was the first to the block and kids wanted to get it because their friends had it. But a lot of that had to do with the original Xbox marketing themselves over PS2 and being much better then the PS2 and then quickly jumping into the next generation before PS3. NA gamers new the Xbox was a better system then the PS2 and when the Xbox 360 came out it was a no brainer to think that it was far and above all systems. Sony was just too little too late too expensive at the time. Sony could have fought the good fight and almost bullied MS if it could have gotten a lower initial selling price. But the we do everything with the added benefit of taking all your money was not as marketable to the NA market, mainly only to the PlayStation diehards and loyalists.

To think that MS has some magical marketing avenue hold is ludicrous. Sony is and always has had an excellent marketing avenue in the US and the world with their video merchandising and Movie tie ins and DVD sales. Sony's problem had nothing to do with not having the marketing avenues that Microsoft had... it was purely the arrogance of their leadership that pushed the marketing into the we are better and look how expensive we are to prove it mentality. NA consumers don't play that game.

Prophet-Gamer2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Xbox is still cheaper @ $200 bucks and even though it's a pretty bare bones model, the avg consumer won't know or care.

The PS3 is doing mighty good and WW, it's surely outselling the 360 on a monthly basis.

Great numbers all around.

morganfell2617d ago


I always save such posts. And when April rolls around and the official World Wide numbers are released by the companies it is always funny such persons disappear.

andibandit2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

PS2 absolutely abolished the xbox despite that the xbox had better hardware(kinda opposite of the current situation).
Sony had really set them selves up for glory at the start of the current generation, with a huge backport library and the renown of the PS2. However they ended up dropping the ball with, bad marketing, unatractive pricing and being late to market. There was of course also the Wii which took everyone by surprise. However ignoring the Wii, i would've had put my money on PS3 Mega pwning the 360. Instead Ps3 has been trailing 360, up until now, where are alot of us expected it to be miles ahead, not on par.

gman_moose2617d ago

@ Legion - I bought a 360 for certain exclusives I was unable to play on PS3, and a few multiplats that play much better on 360 (such as Orange Box, Bayonetta, etc). Seems like a large investment to play so few games, but I got the 4GB model on sale for $129 so I think it was worth it. Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect were awesome games. Glad I got to play them.

What I meant by my comment was that there must be something very appealing about the 360 to make consumers in NA constantly, month after month, choose it over PS3. Personally, I don't see what it is, but it's obviously there... numbers don't lie.

LOL at the disagrees I got in my original post. I tried to be as diplomatic as possible, so I'm not sure who I offendded...

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showtimefolks2617d ago

and price drop helping ps3, both 360 and ps3 sold well. competition is great to push these companies forward

everyone should own both in my humble opinion

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