September 2011 NPD: Microsoft's response

Microsoft has responded to the September 2011 NPD.

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M-Easy2534d ago

Same story different month.

TurismoGTR2534d ago

Does sales equal Quality?

answer that NPD!

EVILDEAD3602534d ago

Does sales equal Quality?

Do sales somehow mean there isn't quality?

JellyJelly2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Gears of War 3, Forza Motorsport 4 and a load of great XBLA titles equal quality. That's why the 360 is selling.

baodeus2533d ago

so does high GT5 sales equal quality? Answer that TurismoGTR?

Objective2533d ago

Hahaha yeah TurismoGTR, please let us have your answer to your own question, we can't wait to hear it lol!

testerg352533d ago


I dunno.. ask PS3 peeps since they keep bringing up WW sales.

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2534d ago
tickticktick2534d ago

"Xbox 360 held six of the top ten console game titles"

elshadi2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

what are those six games ???
and where can i find that Top ten list ???

Edit :
i thought something else... but nevermind

Jazz41082534d ago

If you read the article you would know.

gamingdroid2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

It's based on NPD top 10 selling games of the month. So yeah, if you read it you would know....

DiRtY2534d ago

I think the live TV stuff might be pretty huge for them. I can see it moving quite a few consoles.

Forza will be big in Europe and not so much in NA.

KILLERAPP2534d ago

Is a good time to be a gamer, am going to be broke by Nov 16. Too many games so little time and money... Still bring it on!!!!!!

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