Addict of Fiction Review: Once upon a monster, actually good?

Addict of Fiction review once upon a monster, mostly video.
Addict of Fiction writes:
"I was genuinely shocked to see this game was enjoyable. Double Fine are a great company but it’s not really what I would have expected from the minds behind Brutal Legend."

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SuperStrokey11232438d ago

I want to get this for my daughter, for those that have had it what age do you think is appropriate?

damnyouretall2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

my 4 year old loves it but he is supringly good at games. if she is acually old enough to understand the sesame street tv show and learn things, then she can play this game. hope that helps

CustardTrout2438d ago

Accidently posted as a comment as a reply. But double down to see it.

CustardTrout2438d ago

Yeah it's really aimed at kids, it's simple to pick up and good for a family.