What Happened With Resistance 3? Freaking Awesome Game, Poor Sales - Make Me Understand!

What has happen with Resistance 3 is an event which should have never taken place. It is ridiculous that a game of this magnitude has received the poor sales numbers that it has. This game is easily one of the best titles launched this year...

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Dart892616d ago

Picking mine up in December after my BF3 hype has gone down a little.But its a great game got to play it at a friends.

MariaHelFutura2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Its because people have been convinced the Resistance series is mediocre. Insomniac didn't help themselves by straying away from the feel of R1 w/ R2 either. A better question is why isn't Team Ico seen as gods by the gaming public in the same way Cliffy B is?

DarkTower8052616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

One reason was because of the atrocity that was R2. Why would I buy R3 when R2 sucked?

Another reason was the marketing. Why did Sony market it as a Move game? Big mistake. When I rented it at Redbox there was a prompt that said that Move was NEEDED to play. Wtf? I knew it wasn't, but for people that don't know probably passed.

SoapShoes2616d ago

What I wanna know is where are these claims coming from? R3 was on many top 3 charts and #1 on a few. Who said it sold poorly? We don't have any official numbers.

remanutd552616d ago

i wanna know what happened to Motorstorm Apocalypse too , sony didnt even bother to make a tv spot , Motorstorm and Resistance has been pretty huge franchises for playstation this generation

M-Easy2616d ago

Motorstorm features HUGE earthquakes, it released at the same time a HUGE earthquake hit and devastated Japan. You put 2+2 together yet?

shinrock2616d ago

this brings back the old comment= SONY FANBOYS TALK,THEY DON'T BUY.

El_Colombiano2616d ago

You have stock in Sony? Or Microsoft? Why on Earth would I or anybody want to pick up a game at full price right now when I wouldn't even play it until it drops in price? I speak with my money, and I don't support $60 games. I'm sure a lot of the user base the PS3 has knows the same thing. Who gives a crap about sales. And don't give me the whole sequel on the line crap. A game needs to bomb HARD to not get a sequel.

M-Easy2616d ago

What Happened Examiner? Poor site, Poor hits, Bad writing, Trolls for hits - Make Me Understand!

farhsa20082616d ago

PS3 exclusives sell over time, they are usually slow starters but steady sellers.

Having said that, PS3 owners simply must pick up this amazing game and experience it for themselves.

MeatAbstract2616d ago

Yeah, I remember these stories popping up after inFamous was release. That game went on to sell a lot over time though. Just because the sales weren't 2 Million day one, doesn't mean it won't catch up in a year or so.

Cosmit2616d ago

Yeah I agree with you. Overall a PS3 exclusive does well. Don't expect shattering sales the first week though. But overall their good.

e-p-ayeaH2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Aside from the graphics the game really doesnt really pull me in but that´s just me i guess its because it felt to much like a CoD game.

I still play the SP demo from time to time and i have alot fun replaying it to level up the weapons to increase the fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.