Are there too many sequels?

Jake Denton: I was looking at the list of games releasing in the coming months recently, when I noticed something: all of these games are sequels. Barely any of them were actually new games, or not based on an already established brand. I mean, you've got Elder Scrolls 5 coming out, Call of Duty 8, the fourth Assassin's Creed game. And not only were most of them sequels, pretty much most of the new IP is action games.

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BitbyDeath2620d ago

No. Sequals are made because their is demand for them.
Some exceptions exist like FFXIII-2 but generally the demand is there.

M-Easy2620d ago

Lol at FFXII-2 dig. But yeah nothing beats new IPs.

ABizzel12620d ago

It's hard to say. Sequels are generally guarantees for devs. and for gamers. If there's a franchise you like then you're going to buy it. And that's the point it's a franchise/ brand, so they have to have sequels.

But at the same time we need new IP's for new ideas, the problem with that is that neither devs. nor gamers want to take a chance and spend money on a product they don't like. And with so many franchises on their 3rd or more outing, if your new IP doesn't come out swinging huge balls of steel, then it's going to get ate up by the swarm of other games that we know are going to be good. I'm all for new IP's, but devs. need to have their ideas completely thought out and have a masterpiece day one, this late in the console generation, because if they don't they may as well wait until next gen, because it's not going to do well if it fills a spot where an established I is.
I think we should have a 4:1 ratio of sequels to new IP's.

ATi_Elite2620d ago

Hell No!

Especially when the world is waiting for Uncharted 3, Halo 4, and Guild Wars 2!

plus many more!

Venox20082620d ago

new Call of duty each year
new Need for speed each year
3 uncharteds in one gen
3 gears in one gen
don't know how many Halos were released in this gen alone

so, no too many sequels? :)

Xizor2620d ago

It's the same with movies. Why not just do the easy thing again for cheaper?

Tuxedo_Mask2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Come on, did we really need Baby Geniuses 3? Sure, it's going direct to video, but it should have gone direct to garbage can.

As for video games, while I'd rather see more new and original games it's good to have a few consistent titles you know you can count on. I suppose the same can be said about movies, but sequels are usually progressively worse in film while they're hit or miss in video games.

Edit: I looked it up for clarification (I probably should have done that ahead of time) and thankfully Baby Geniuses 3 has been canned. Maybe there is some hope for Hollywood.

TheDivine2620d ago

Why take a 50 million dollar risk when you can take the sure thing? Not all sequals are bad i love revisiting good games and storylines but there is a huge lack of new creative ip's. We did get stuff like la noire, el shaddai, dead island, rage, and bulletstorm this year so theres always new stuff but compared to gears 3, un3, re3, lbp2, da2, infamous 2, portal 2, crysis 2, dues ex hr, socom 4, batman ac, assassins creed r, its a BIG difference. I find that most of the new creative games are arcade games these days. The risk is lower and alot of smaller dev's are doing it because of pasion, not money. Im more than willing to try 10 dollar dlc games to support a dev for daring to be different. Look at stacking, costume quest, flower, limbo, bastion, from dust, and journey. THATS where the creativity is.

VanguardOfCalamity2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

the real question is "are there to many BAD sequels?" - and the answer is probably yea...

this year might be an exception - come on Oct 18 - needs me some Arkham Asylum and UC3 tired of waiting.. and getting tired of subway sandwiches

Quagmire2620d ago

Umm no. If anything sequels make the original games better.

Yes there are too many sequels, but thats not a bad thing. We would also like to see many more new IPs

No_Pantaloons2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Too many sequels, NO.

The problem is sequels are converging towards a mainstream style of play. Sequels kept the genres divided so you knew where to go for the gameplay that interests you the most. But now everything is being streamlined and elements borrowed that games don't seem all that different anymore, so sequel look like tiresome repeats.

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