BF3 - Squad Specs, Visible Team Deaths, Added Options and more: A Dissection of the Near Final Build

MP1st - "Two multiplayer demonstrations were given by Producers Patrick Bach, and Alex Grondal who show off two new MP maps, Operation Firestorm and Grand Bazaar. We've taken some stills from these two videos to capture a few interesting differences from the Beta that will be making it into the retail version of Battlefield 3."

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TheBeast2616d ago

Great articles! Keep them coming

Elwenil2616d ago

Agreed. During this whole buildup to the release of BF3 and the beta, the MP1st articles seem to all have been good quality, entertaining and without all the "controversial" headlines to grab hits that other sites are shoveling.

Spitfire_Riggz2616d ago

They are the ones that did that multiplayer article right? Like the K/D does not mean your good?

That was a good article.

OcelotRigz2616d ago

Agreed. Thats what i really like about the site, the simple and straight-to-the-point way it presents its news. And real news at that, it has resisted jumping on the "BF3 Vs MW3" bandwagon everyone else has to get hits.

Op242616d ago

Kinda wish they'd get some more death animations for when you die on your screen. Got a little old with the "flop of the hand"

Mister_V2616d ago

Actually, according an IGN preview I believe, the death animations have been improved.

Criminal2616d ago

I'm glad they added skulls on the mini map and HUD. It makes for a better experience knowing where you're teammates died.

Mister_V2616d ago

Muuuuuch better. Add's a-whole-nother dimension to situational awareness

Ashby_JC2616d ago

Wont matter to me...HARDCORE mode all the way.

But YEah I can see the skulls or bolts for medics making for a better experience in core mode.

Making me want the game more and more!!!!!!!!!!

OcelotRigz2616d ago

Small but very important updates.
The skull icons of dead squadmates, icons to show what class & weapon you will be picking up off a dead enemy and the choice to go to 'options' between rounds is the updates im most pleased with.
Cant wait to get my hands on this.
Very good article by the way.

Mister_V2616d ago

"Small but important," well said!

TehKingofFools2616d ago

The ribbons are finally no longer straight! There is a God.

Criminal2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Hehe.. glad this reaffirmed your belief in God!!

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