Top 3 Contenders for Game Of The Year 2011

Every year there are always a plethora of game that are released. Not all of these games, however, are worthy of the title Game Of The Year. In order to attain this elusive rank, a game must not only have a great story and amazing graphics. No, it is much more then that. The game must be Memorable, and has to be that game that you will go back ten years from now and replay and still enjoy it just as much as you did the first time you played it.

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elshadi2617d ago

those 3 are awesome
i will say "MY" GOTY will be Uncharted 3

MoXxXi2617d ago

Same here, man. I agree that based on reviews, Arkham City will be a really good contender for GoTY, but regardless of what happens, Uncharted will most likely be my choice. Never really got into Arkham Asylum. So im not expecting that amazing things from Arkham City.

MariaHelFutura2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

So far this year (not including games I haven't played) my gotys are....

-Portal 2
-Team Ico Collection
-Deus Ex

By the end of the year it'll probably be....

-Batman AC
-Team Ico Collection

It was a great year.

Ezio20482617d ago

song dedicated to Uncharted 3...

Game of the year!!!
Game of the year!!!
Game of the year!!!
Game of the year!!!
Game of the year!!!
Game of the year!!!

ohh yeah baby!!!:-)

Pultorgeist2617d ago

Skyrim to me looks like it's packed to the brim with content. I wouldn't be surprised if the 360 version has a second disc.

GuruGavrill2617d ago

All 3 have a pretty good chance.

thisisflip2617d ago

my pick is obviously uncharted 3!!! but the other games are nice as well but question why no love for zelda?

MoXxXi2617d ago

Meh, it just seems that Nintendo just cant really compete for GoTY with these top contenders. Maybe its not exactly because of the game itself, but they just dont compare. Hopefully the Wii U can chance that, for a time.

Pikajew2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

I think Zelda will win most GOTY. The past few big Nintendo games all won GOTY and Miyamoto worked on all of them(Zelda TP, SMG and SMG2)

Zelda SS has a bunch of new content and is munch longer than than past ones and keeping the Zelda feel in it.

Batman wont win because all the DLC it has and it will ruin its chances.

ShinMaster2615d ago

I bought SMG2 based on the "Best Nintendo Game on Wii" hype and was disappointed.
Didn't like the camera and controls.

The new Super Mario Bros. Wii and DS games were better.

SS looks like a visual downgrade from TP. Not cartoony and stylized enough to look good(like WW). There's a lot of new WiiSports type gameplay included too.

If you think Zelda will win "most" GOTY awards, prepare to be disappointed. UC3 and Skyrim have an equal chance, followed by Batman. And if mainstream media has taught me anything, COD will get some too, unfortunately.

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The story is too old to be commented.