IGN: Rage: Second Opinions

Rage is id Software's first big game since Doom 3, and many eagerly started playing in the IGN offices as soon as it was available. As you'll find described in the review, Rage's story sagged, the driving felt like filler and the quest design wasn't especially interesting. That being said, the phenomenal visuals, exciting first-person shooting sequences and cool upgrade systems more than made up for those issues, earning Rage an 8.5. As is often the case at IGN, not every editor tends to share the same view.

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Huntmaster172620d ago

I had some technical issues with the PC version, but eventually it was ironed out. I enjoyed the game, but the ending was very lacking.

Pintheshadows2620d ago

It was the gaming equivalent of frustrating cliffhanger. A sequel or DLC is inevitable.

tickticktick2620d ago

I wish Gamefly would hurry and send this or Dead Island.

BattleTorn2620d ago

lol oh the irony of that "tickticktick" waiting for something.

BattleTorn2620d ago

My first impression: WOW!
Second impression: this isn't nearly what I'd expected or hoped for

Final impression: Hat's off to id soft, but make the next one bigger, and longer!

But with the graphics they've manage to do, especially at 60fps on console, I have a feeling (and also heard) that they had to limit the 'length/depth' quite a bit.
They couldn't use even more Dvds...

Venjense2620d ago

I wish every IGN review had 3-4 people giving it scores, it would get rid of a lot of there inconsistency.

MasterD9192620d ago

Good game that unfortunately wasn't as open as many had hoped...bad ending and lackluster start but well worth a play-through or at least a try.

The 3 discs work fine but the actual game case they used to harness the 3 discs is atrocious...Mine arrived broken and the first two discs don't feel like they fit that well...