Nintendo vs. Sony: Will Wii Shortages be PS3's Gain? (ABC News)

According to analysts, the hopes of those game-greedy kids may be dashed this season as parents, faced with predicted Wii shortages, might turn to other gaming consoles, such as the Sony's PlayStation 3 or Microsoft's Xbox 360, to fill the gap.

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leon764047d ago

PS3 is allready winning!!!

gamesR4fun4047d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

still wont buy one tho ps3 and 360 are where the games I want are.

Cant imagine having no wii's to sell will do anything but help both the ps3 and 360 (tho its going to be a close year for them both in terms of sales imo) Sony's really kicked into high gear with the 399 price point and killer ip's while the M$ hype machine is chugging at full speed. Should be a very interesting xmas indeed.

Mark 14046d ago

@@@______(*) THE BOABY...

Sez 4047d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

i don't know what world you live in. but the current winner is wii then 360. ps3 is in a distant last. ps3 is in last so much. that wii and 360 have to leave bread crumb just for the ps3 to find it's way back into the race. lol.

@ the idiot below. come dude thats the best you can come up with. you have to way better than that. you mom tells better jokes in bed. like how small your fathers is. lol

cr33ping_death4047d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

"have to leave bread crumb just for the ps3 to find it's way back into the race. lol "

isnt that what you did when your parents drove to a secluded far off area to drop you off never to return home????

edit: vega buddy.......can you spell......or atleast be kind to everyone else in here and use spell check, instead of making us feel retarded by reading like retards for reading your badly spelled posts.
and your so called insults arent even complete please go back and revise your dumb pathetic troll.

BrotherNick4047d ago

OH SNAP. What a diss, I'll write that down.

unlimited4046d ago

Why are fanboys like yourself is forgetting that compare to last year the PS3 is cheaper this holiday, and have a big library of games. How many actual 360 owners actually gone through dozen of dead 360s in one year? Many of them have jump out and get the PS3. The PS3 will beat the 360 this holiday or come close..

Sez 4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

it's fanboys like you that keep thing that the ps3 will sell like 125+mil or something.the 360 has a bigger library than the ps3. on top of that how price drops has the ps3 went thru and still hasn't moved major units. you talk about the HW problem of the 360.yet it still hasn't stop people from buying one. even with fox news running a report on it. you sonyfnboy keep talking about the ps3 will take over when all these game appear. yet most of them flopped in sales. what happened with HS,warhark,lair,ect. you fanboys dream of a day when sony willbe on top. while 360 and wii fanboys buy and play games instead of waiting. by the way how many people went thru the Dre problem with the ps2.and sony denied ever having a problem. until a class action suit made them repair broken systems. how many people laptop blew up on them with sony batteries, how many people had to turn the ps1 over to read the disk. and don't say it never happened

@kaneda. i guess i proved my point.if that all you can come up with. good day sir

Kaneda4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I feel sorry for other xbox owners that have to play with you on LIVE... Xbox LIVE slogan should be

Spending $50 to play w/ idiot! PRICELESS!!

Sez 4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

it took you like how many hours to respond. you needed the whole day to like nitpick at my post. what are you the gramer police. i wasn't even trying to insult you. just letting you know you could do better than that wack @ss insult you came up with. i mean what you said is something kids say in grade school.i beleive you are a grown i beleive you could come up with better ones. rather than using your little brothers jokes. and the only one pathetic here is you dude if it took you this long to post a comment in responce to what i had to say. do us a favor watch the comedy channel, get some better jokes, then come back and start again. OK.

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Spike474047d ago

that's were you're wrong, it's not a race, it's a marathon.

I don't think the 360 or the ps3 can beat the wii, but I definetly think the ps3 has more than enough potential to own the 360.

Sez 4046d ago

you talk about more potential. yet no one is really interested in. if ps3 has so much potental. why isn't it doning better. i mean the ps2 was the greatest. and sold 125+mil units WW. yet they only sold close to 6mil. something is majorly wrong with your picture.hey but whatever help you sleep at night.

IRONMAN_X_3574047d ago

itll definitkly own 360, wii is as the short hand so well see

razer4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Wii will be hurt by shortages and the 360 will be the real winner this holiday. The PS3 will do well, but will be a footnote rather than a huge success story(in NA).

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