What Global Resistance Is and Why You Should Play It [TG]

We detail just exactly what Global Resistance is and why any Resistance fans need to play this. From Roland of Trendygamers.

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farhsa20082623d ago

I havent played it yet but I will as I need to unlock the bloody hell cheat

HannibalBarca2623d ago

Its actually pretty fun, the more you play the more stuff you get, such as skins and experience.

Drekken2622d ago

I played for a week, won the war, got the cheat, and opened up all of the skins. GG.

BootHammer2623d ago

Very innovative stuff Insomniac!

Sizzon2622d ago

I play it, it's quite enjoyable, you get rewarded with Resistance 3 stuff like skins, titles etc. Just need to deploy some more soldier's then hopefully I'm gonna get the chimera doll skin.

Go Humans!