Hideo Kojima USC Interview: Part 2

Tokyo, Japan – There have been few series of video games that have attracted as much controversy from fans as the Metal Gear titles. Sure, some games have attracted criticism from the media and parents, but no series has sharply divided gamers as the Metal Gear titles.

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cooperdnizzle2617d ago

this article is just weird. Talking about die and preparing for it?? He isn't even that old. And i don't know why anyone would want to kill him. Its not like he is some political figure or anything of that nature. I can't see somebody really wanting to kill him over anything he does. Like i said just a weird article, that i think is mostly made up, and or fabricated to the fullest. I have seen the article they are taking about, and its no wear near what they are saying. I have also seen videos. This article is bull crap.

RememberThe3572617d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this was complete crap.

ikkokucrisis2617d ago

Yea, it seems a little extreme, and the focus on what the whole point of Kojima's actions are very unclear. Is Kojima (supposedly) doing all of this to be better at making his games more funny, original, or realistic? I'm confused...

Hicken2617d ago

Random. I find it hard to give this article any credibility. It just doesn't seem like Kojima.

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