Batman Arkham City Midnight Release Details (Worldwide)

The Controller Online writes: "As one of the most anticipated games of the fall, Batman Arkham City is getting a proper midnight release launch."

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Criminal2623d ago

Really helpful! Thanks.

Pintheshadows2623d ago

I don't think is accurate considering that it is not out until the 21st in England. GAME probably will do a midnight launch but on Thursday.

peteonline2623d ago

You're right, that was a mistake. It's been corrected. Good catch.

Blacktric2623d ago

US, Canada, UK... How is this "worldwide" again?

Sneak-Out2623d ago

??? German Retailers send out the Game since today ... got my copie also

hazelamy2623d ago

do not support this game, online passes have no place locking off single player content.

they don't deserve a single fucking sale.

Pintheshadows2623d ago

Yeah, good luck with that.

Jeff2572623d ago

How about you buy the game new instead of being a cheap ass and waiting till it is only 5 dollars below the new price? Frankly for games like Arkham City the money should go to Rocksteady and Warner Bros. and not to some company who makes all their profits on trade ins. There really isn't a single issue with putting the code in to unlock the content if you buy new. It is only if it was bought used where someone would have to pay more to unlock it.

cr33ping_death2623d ago

oh no... i better go get my monies back because yous says so..... ha ha ha ha really ummm im getting the game.


Crap, and to think I was going to buy this game new like I do with all big games I am anticipating, but if I can't get some of the single pla....oh, wait.

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