Sony Confirms Starhawk Beta Access In Europe

Earlier in the week Sony announced that North American gamers could gain early access to the Starhawk beta upon purchasing a copy of Uncharted 3. Today SCEE confirmed that this special offer will also be available for PS3 owners across the pond.

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egidem2197d ago

Guys living in Europe right now...very lucky.

Dante1122197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Sweet, can't wait to play the beta.

Maddens Raiders2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Megaton. WarHawk itself is legendary...StarHawk looks like it will continue the tradition of SNE's strong 1st party titles.

ps3o-k2197d ago

i hope this beta is better than battlefields. dead body glitches are soooo gmo1.

KILLERAPP2197d ago

Starhawk here we go!!!!!!!

BitbyDeath2197d ago

Australia is always included with the Europe stuff

Cyrax_872197d ago

I hope so but when they do, they usually refer to it as PAL region. Here it just says Europe.

Sizzon2197d ago

That's awesome, Starhawk is my most anticipated PS3 exclusive next year :)

Loved Warhawk, can't wait to try Starhawk! I'm sure the Multiplayer is gonna be fantastic just like Warhawk :)

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