Undertow, this week's XBLA game, looks awesome

CVG reports:

"Side-scrolling, 16-player underwater battles are touted, along with a 15-level single-player campaign and three different playable races. It looks a bit ropey in the screenshots but we definitely recommend watching the trailer over on; this could be one worth downloading the trial for. It's out tomorrow morning for 800 Microsoft Points (about seven quid)."

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lynx1halo3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

LOL Microsofts lame response to PS3's WarHawk LOL...
@Saint Sony
Once again Saint Sony can you tell me how many players you can have at once in an online match for your NEXT GEN (LOL) Halo 3???oh thats right...only 1-16...for a NEXT GEN GAME???HMMmmmm....I could almost swear Warhawk was 1-32....let me double check... please do continue to suckle at the teet of MR.640P

Saint Sony3990d ago

LOL Sony's lame response to 360's HALO3.

Sorry to say lynx1halo, but you fail in so many aspects. If you want to be provocative, try harder.

razer3990d ago

comparing Warhawk which is basically a retail game to an Xbox Live Arcade title?? This thing is like 50MB!!! Remember, these titles are supposed to be "casual". Then you start rambling on about Halo and players online.. Have you played a game of Halo?? You do realize that the amount of players is set NOT because Xbox Live can't handle it but for balancing purposes.. The maps are meant to be played with 16 players max, anymore is too chaotic, if you actually played it instead of rambling your mouth you would know this... Great for Warhawk and it's 32 players but get back to me once Huxley is released early next year with 100 players online at once. That will make Warhawk look like Warduck.

I'm sorry you are suffering from last place complex and that you have envy.. Don't try and deny it when you come into an Xbox Live arcade game post and start your typical dillusional PS3tard speech. I'm surprised you didn't list all the upcoming games you are still waiting for.