New Battlefield 3 Details: Hardcore Mode Health, Weapons, And More

As Battlefield 3 picks up steam for its October 25th launch, we’ve uncovered new details for the DICE-developed shooter including information on multiplayer bots exclusion, potential LAN support, and much more.

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matgrowcott2620d ago

It's a shame on the lack of LAN support, most people will go unaffected by that but some may go as far as to cancel their pre-order even.

Kahvipannu2620d ago

Some of my most fun moments in gaming are Lan-ones. Tought they all have been strategy games from 2 to 6 players. I can't see 64 players, or even 12 players gather up for some BF goodines via Lan, specially with the hardware BF3 needs, unless it's somekind of "event". Possible, but unlikelly.

So it's really small loss, but some might miss it, we can't get all.

STONEY42620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

I don't think it's a big loss in a game like this where the game is based on large player sizes, teams, and maps. Imagine even getting 64 people getting together and running this at a LAN party.

This isn't as big as Starcraft 2 losing LAN, where the entire game is focused on 1v1.


People have been claiming to cancel their pre-order over everything, anyways.

psb2620d ago

I've heard enough about this game, now all I'm waiting for is my copy to arrive. No more reading articles, and stuff.

Ashby_JC2620d ago

I concur 100%

Gettin bits of onfo like every day it seems.

I love hardcore mode. Thats all I played in BFBC and COD games.

Hate when it seems I have to unload a whole clip on someone.

RioKing2620d ago

"Hate when it seems I have to unload a whole clip on someone."

Yeah I hate that more than anything also

sonicsidewinder2620d ago

Cus casuals can't take numerical values when it comes to health...