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GameDynamo - "For those who love cars and car simulators, Forza Motorsport has been a flagship racing series and has always been a strong rival to the ever-popular Gran Turismo. However, the Forza Motorsport series has always had its own flavor, and like the first three games, Forza Motorsport 4 caters to the biggest car fans without bogging them down with too much complexity."

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sak5002623d ago

I dint understand the first guy's comment but anyway can't wait for this one. I have the Forza III steering bundle and will love to try it on this.

The graphics improved a lot in F4 from the demo i played and looked more PGR quality now.

Great review as well. Good for sim/racing fans

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AmaZinG2623d ago

Big boys ?

Lool im laughing my ass out of the floor right nao daug haha

zero_gamer2623d ago

He is bored of his game so he has to troll in the name of GT5 and SONY. I cannot wait to try Forza 4. I am really liking what fans say about it.

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