Rock Band Will Likely Receive Day One Patch

Though a lucky few managed to obtain Rock Band (PS2, PS3, X360) before its official Tuesday release due to negligent store employees, some of these pre-release buyers have experienced problems with the new guitar's strum bar. These problems may very well be fixed with a day-one patch for all versions of the game, according to multiple posts by a senior Harmonix employee on the SomethingAwful forums.

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EZCheez4040d ago

My guitar hero 3 guitar is not compatible!

I might have understood this problem had I found out maybe months ago rather than LAST NIGHT! I just bought this game (CD only) for my ps3 and my GH3 guitar is not compatible at all. I feel I should let other people know this before they waste their time.

Seriously though, why sell the game independantly (no instruments) for the PS3 if you can't use anything other than the Fender guitar that comes in the package? What f'in sense does that make?

I'll stop ranting. I'm posting this more as a warning for others. DO NOT BUY THE PS3 version game disc only.