Dark Souls Review (For The Love Of Gaming)

Garrett has his soul crushed in his Dark Souls review.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

dark souls is awesome. I just rang the second bell, and now Im going to try and kill all the bosses that I left before moving on.

Tanir2619d ago

heck yeah its awesome, im trying to find the 2nd bell, im guessing its in the catacombs since one is above and one is below. just wasnt sure if it was in blight town or catacombs, i guess i will see when i get there maybe haha, man i wanna play so bad today, damn school and work! must wait till tommorow!

Solidus187-SCMilk2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

I dont want to spoil anything but I dont think its a big deal to tell you you ring the bell after fighting the boss in blightown.

however Im pretty sure yuo can get there from somewhere else too possibly since all the areas are connected. The bell is connected to the lava ruins area where the boss killed me real quick and is also connected to the area behind wher you fight the boss of BT. Im not sure what that lava ruins(actually called DEMON ruins) is connected to but blighttown's back exit comes out by the entrance to valley of the drakes, which is right by the entrance to new londo ruins underground.

Thats why I missed so many bosses, I was trying to do all the above ground ones but they were connected to the bottom areas too and I ended up in underground areas.

I havent even gone through the new londo ruins yet

Heres a cool map I just found that shows how confusing and connected everything is.


Tanir2619d ago

thanks! i know what you mean, im doing alot of above ground things aswell, mostly because of how difficult underground is, the skeletons are a pain cuz they dont die, though i got pretty far there.

the ghost in new rondo are annoying because they are so strong, and you have to be cursed to hit them. place is really dangerous below.

I want a new weapon, bored of my halberd....besides, what kinda thief uses a halberd, shield, and heavy armor.......(Points at self) totally not how i wanted to play lol

RXL2619d ago

i wonder if they'll do anything special on halloween like demon's soul does..(all worlds shift to black tendency)

Drekken2619d ago

There are no tendencies, so I doubt there is much they can do... Maybe they will invade our server once an our to harass us...

Bandai is a piece of crap compared to atlus tho.