DICE Denies that Battlefield 3 was Made with Consoles in mind; Utilizes more than 1GB VRAM

GB : As Battlefield 3 is getting closer to release, things are heating up it seems. In the recent multiplayer beta, the console version weren’t that impressive looking but were functional. I had previewed the multiplayer beta and found it to be a mixed bag, especially on the consoles. But it’s still a ‘beta’ and the final version could look and play much better.

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InNomeDiDio2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

After playing the BETA on PC I know that they focused on PC. Console Version look worse than BF:BC2 maxed out on PC.

@Panda: Not for everyone ;)

Pandamobile2616d ago

"Console Version look worse than BF:BC2 maxed out on PC."

Captain obvious.

StealthyRay2616d ago

Some are blind to the fact. Pardon the pun.

evrfighter2616d ago

Seriously, not for everyone?

Lol oh thats priceless who would think that

cyborg69712616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

These are the times I wish I was a pc gamer. The last pc game I played was oregon trail when it was new.

malol2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

i think we all can now agree that the console versions are just to cash in
while PC is where the real deal at

after all console players should be grateful
they are getting a squeal of a PC exclusive after all

decrypt2615d ago

Well its normal for console gamers to get the shaft on releases, its always PC gamers that get:

multiple control schemes,
Maxed out graphics for 95% games even on entry to mid range hardware,
Dedicated servers,
Lower price,
The list goes on.

This time its just that console gamers have been shafted more then usual, as PC gamers receive higher player count, Larger maps. In other words completely different game.

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Trophywhore2616d ago

Anyone who thought that was kidding themselves.

Either way, the beta for consoles was pretty bad so im not getting my hopes up for this game. Think ill stick with MW.

gamingdroid2616d ago

I think a lot of people got turned off by the demo masqueraded as a beta. It was a mess....

Kahvipannu2616d ago

I loved the PS3-beta, tought I'm getting this baby for the PC. And how come you gamingdroid still think it's demo? Do a quick research in the web or even in N4G.

NCAzrael2616d ago


FFS, they have already said that the beta wasn't to test the software, which had already been tested and bug fixed to hell and gone. The beta was to test server infrastructure, so nothing about what you played was a demo, seeing how it was old code and NOT representative of the final product. Stop throwing around misinformed opinions as though they were fact.

gcolley2616d ago

i hope they learnt their lesson on releasing a PUBLIC beta. neither the dumb general public nor the dumb media could understand its purpose

HardCover2616d ago Show
Somebody2616d ago

At least gamers have a heads up with what they might face and the developer have time to fix those glitches.

Unlike Rage.

BF3 : terrible at Beta, weeks before launch. Not really the same version they will finally use.

Rage : terrible at launch, which is after beta, after it gone gold, after 7 years of development.

Which do you prefer?

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CaptCalvin2616d ago

It may look better and has more players on PC, but the mechanics are largely the same. You just can't shoehorn BF2 mechanics onto a console.

Knushwood Butt2616d ago

I'm not even sure it matters, as BF3 is going to get buried by MW3 regardless.

SneeringImperialist2616d ago

Oh no it doesnt matter because we battlefield fans wont be playing it at all will we? we'll just give up bf3 for mw3 then shall we.

Knushwood Butt2615d ago

That's cool and all, but all I'm saying is that, sales wise, MW3 is going to destroy BF3.

Personally, I'm not that bothered either way.

thawind2616d ago

I wasn't Impressed with the beta it look like bf2 to me

FanboyPunisher2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

PC version isnt a real PC-Exclusive quality.

You can see how consoles dictated many game design aspects (so they dont design things twice over; like maps, assets (additional) etc). They are doing damage control because it is true.

Consoles were a huge limiting factor from the very start of designing this game. They knew they couldnt go over the top like real PC exclusives usally do.

It did not feel like a real true replacement to BF2, more like BF: BC 2.5.

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caperjim2616d ago

Battlefield 3 looked great on PC. I cant wait to see the final build.

mcgrottys2616d ago

i want to see what ultra really looks like. and I don't mean ultra settings but using the same assets as high like the beta. Also I want to see some of that nice DX 11 tessellation they said it would have.

Coach_McGuirk2616d ago

I thought the beta on pc felt like a pc game through and through.

StealthyRay2616d ago

That disappointed fan made a big deal out the DICE's making the PC the lead platform for this title. I don't know what his issue was about DICE's focus.

Some (not all) gamers nowadays easily get offended for myriads of reasons, especially if it concerns putting his/her platform of choice in a bad light.

What can we do to get out of this stereotype? Accept all platforms' strengths and weaknesses and game on!

Pandamobile2616d ago

I don't understand WHY a console gamer would ever bitch about a game being made primarily for PC. In the end, it will result in a better game 99% of the time, even if it has to be scaled back.

Conversely, going from console to PC typically results in a more generalized experience that tends to cater to a lower level of player.

vyke32616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I don't understand why a PC gamer would bitch about a game being primarily for consoles (GTA 4).

See what I did there?

Kahvipannu2616d ago

Exactly. Usually PC games aim higher, so the console "port" will be great too, and vyke3, usually when devs make game priorly for the consoles, the game lacks all the options and optimizations that PC game needs, like GTA4. Consoles don't need that... So I didn't see what you did.

chadachada1232616d ago

My only issue with games being ported to consoles is when the interface is atrocious, that is, when the interface is clearly meant to be navigated with a mouse.

Although, apparently PC gamers hate what Bethesda did with the Oblivion/Skyrim interfaces, which are more geared for console gamers than PC gamers, so yeah.

NCAzrael2616d ago


The one thing about Oblivion's interface for the PC that made it manageable is that there was a mod released fairly quickly that fixed the issues most PC gamers had with it. Personally, though, Bethesda should have been the ones to take care of that, instead of leaving it up to someone else.

I really don't care which platform is the lead, so long as the PC version looks and plays/responds like a PC game. Sadly, most developers don't take the time to do this, and things feel off when playing the PC version.

hadriker2615d ago


Have you played GTA4 on a PC. when it launched it was an absolute friggin mess. horrible securerom, extremely buggy and constant crashes and graphical glitches. it was unplayable. GTA is a prime example of why developing for consoles and then moving it to PC can be terrible. There are also much more recent examples.

You picked a horrible example to make your point

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