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Player Affinity writes: "After an extremely long development period Gran Turismo 5 launched at the end of 2010. Although GT5 was underwhelming to say the least, Polyphony Digital has not given up on it. In fact, they have been providing steady updates to improve and refine the game. The continued support is encouraging but it has not been enough. Almost a year has passed since the game's launch and details of DLC and a significant update have only just recently surfaced."

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Optical_Matrix2619d ago

"The current formula has definitely become stale. The single player component of GT5 feels more like a chore than a joy as you grind through the game. It becomes a tedious process of winning mostly meaningless races to gain money for another car and/or upgrades."

That right there, makes no sense. Because, its the exact same thing you do in Forza's single player.

Godmars2902619d ago

But can't you hire a driver to do your races for you in Forza 4?

Just like you can in GT5...?

Information Minister2619d ago

But that's the kind of double standards that we've seen in the media for years now. You should be used to it by now.

tickticktick2619d ago

lol you guys must hate this past week.

Kur02619d ago

why? Spec II update is awesome.

sikbeta2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

Wait... What? why should I hate the week in which GT5 Spec II was released!? it's the opposite, now the game is even better :D

Also the new opening is just Epic!

Oh, and I'm getting the Complete DLC Pack!


Also, the Kaz-mobile is a BEAST! :P

despair2619d ago

So I can't like both Forza 4 and GT 5? Must suck to be you that you think you must chose one or the other.

DaTruth2619d ago

"Wait... What? why should I hate the week in which GT5 Spec II was released!?"

Because of the 1000 GT5 hate articles to coincide with the release of Forza 4!

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SoapShoes2619d ago

Stale? No. What he described is pretty much what you have to do in every racing game or RPG.

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PimpHandHappy2619d ago

but i can not play it every day for weeks on end... Thats what is so awesome.. I can always come back and still be able to drive! I left Dues X for R3 then after beating R3 twice i got back into DuesX and felt lost! GT5 is the only racer i need and its the only one i will be playing for a couple years to come

SoapShoes2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

I'd say it was plenty before the update but the update definitely made millions of people happy! The support for the G27 alone was enough to please people. My favorite update being the improved physics and ability to save in an endurance race. The new opening is just pure eye candy!

Also what is ridiculous is his claim that PD takes forever to develop something and points out that since GT4 that 4 Forza games have come out. PD have done many things since the release of GT4 and definitely not solely working on GT5.

Dec. 2004 - GT4 was released.
E3 2005 - Vision Gran Turismo was unveiled( they scrapped that whole game).
Feb. 2006 - Tourist Trophy was released
Dec. 2007 - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue was released
E3 2009 - GT5 shown officially for the first time.
Oct 2009 - GT PSP released.
Dec. 2010 - GT5 released.
Oct 2011 - GT5 Spec II released.

ZombieAssassin2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

Yea I think most people forget they even made a PSP game and released Prolouge (although it wasn't a full game it still had plenty of content in it). About the only thing I'm really wanting out of GT now is the level of customization that Forza has....and maybe next time say screw the 800 standard cars and give us like 500 premium.

SoapShoes2619d ago

Not just that but Tourist Trophy and when the PS3 was just beginning they weren't even thinking of GT5 and had a whole nother concept game. As for Prologue it may not have been a full GT game but by other racing game standards it still had more cars in it.

The standards I'd rather have in the game than not. There are just tons of great cars and while it would be ideal for them all to be premium I'd rather have them there than missing.

MrDead2619d ago

I think this guy should never play GT. "Polyphony Digital takes a great deal of time in developing each game in the series. They go over the cars with painstaking detail in order to replicate them as authentically as possible. The driving force behind GT's success has always been its amazing physics engine. In GT5, the physics don't disappoint. It's the rest of the game that lets it down. GT5 is an amazing simulator, but as a game it doesn't fare as well"...?????? Thats what its ment to be a sim you want anything else then dont buy GT, STAY AWAY.

This game is for car geeks only, if you dont want to spend hours tuning your car to perfection, driving the same lap over and over again, perfecting apexes and being obsessed with trimming thousandths of a second off your lap times then this sim is not for you.

GT is made this way and sells in its millions because this is what the fans of the series want and I hope they never change the formula.

ZombieAssassin2619d ago

Well said, I hate when people say "it's a great sim but a terrible game" it's a racing sim it's doing exactly what it's suppose to...I mean what do they want it to be like should we throw some machine guns and grenades in it to seem more game-ish.

despair2619d ago

I have to agree its like people read and see that its a sim racer(its even on the case) and then are surprised when that's what they get.

PirateThom2619d ago

It's close, but there's definitely more fixes that need to happen. Spec 2 cleaned up the game a lot though.

Honestly, I'm more interested in the DLC and not just Spa, the Kart Track is the first entirely indoor track in a GT game, but it's not just indoor it has a lot of different coloured light sources very close to the track, I'm very curious to see what the lighting engine does with this.

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