HomeFront 50% Off On Steam

ObnoxiousGamer:Hitting the Fourth day of the THQ week sale on steam, HomeFront and all the DLC is 50% off.While most people say the multiplayer wasn't that good. The singleplayer of this game is awesome. Even at 50% off it's still kind of at a high price, but if you love stories it will be worth it.

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BakedGoods2618d ago

Still not worth it, unfortunately.

One of my first ever "Day One Disappointments".

Agent-862618d ago

You and me both. I had such high hopes for that one just to have it quickly go away once I bought and played it on release day. Definitely a "Day One Disappointment".

EliteAssass1n2618d ago

Would've bought it at 75% off.

Also I'm thankful I trusted my gut and didn't pre-order this as I was slightly intrigued by it, pre-release.

BattleAxe2618d ago


I thought for sure that they were going to put this game on for 75% off. Oh well, I might get it when it goes on sale for $5 at some point.

buckley2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

For multiplayer junkies, NOW is when you buy.

For anyone expecting a decent single-player campaign, just pass. Don't even bother.

LOL at the link saying the single-player was the good part.

BattleTorn2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I always seem to like what other don't.

I liked Homefront. Despite the first week being completely unplayable.

Solid_Snake-2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

agreed i dint mind it.

not that i paid for like but it was still a reasonable game.

never played the multi player for obvious reasons but heard it wasnt to bad

BattleTorn2618d ago

you liked it only playing SP? wow.

The multiplayer was the best part.

Triggs2618d ago

I played the SP on PS3 (rental) - I tried to see how I would do in MP, and as usual I suck at the controller.

Even if Homefront went as low as $9.99 I feel it's not worth the purchase since I've already finished the story. For those who are just curious about the story, it's only average...and short.