Dark Souls sequel will not up the difficulty further

IncGamers: But don't expect it to be easy, says From Software.

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Optical_Matrix1924d ago

Demons Souls 2 for PS4. From Software, Sony...make it happen.

Ser1924d ago

I second that.

Bring back those dedicated servers, From!

BeOneWithTheGun1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

And call it, "Fuck the Carpa" Demon Souls.

Ser1923d ago


Too right! That is literally the only thing I found to be cheap in Dark Souls! Those two dogs were just a tad overkill. lol

beavis4play1924d ago

i'd love to see a demon souls sequel - but a dark souls sequel would be ok too! hell, i'd love to see them restart the kingsfield series.

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JsonHenry1924d ago

I would rather them fix the pathetic excuse for a matchmaking/PvP system they have. Or at least put in a dedicated place people can meet up to fight each other.

Bloodraid1924d ago

It's called the Darkwood Garden.

Ramas1924d ago

i not agree ps4 atleast 3 years away, so please demon souls 2 or dark souls 2 on PS3 and third on ps 4

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iamironman1924d ago

it should be called Dead Souls


As much as I like that name, they can't, it's already taken.
I did however mention an alternate...
Damned Souls

dangert121924d ago

They should call It
'Bless your young souls'
It should have loads of happy little kids easy gameplay and bright colours i'm thinking a winnie the pooh type game?

Tanir1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Dystopia Souls, Devil Souls, Deranged Souls, Damnation Souls, are some that come to mind if sticking with the DS thing.

if not Chaos Souls or Calamity Souls would sound cool too lol

and the fact that the devs said this means more!!!!! woot. i remember how happy i was when i saw that dark souls was announced!!

DarkBlood1924d ago

isnt dead souls just a subtitle to yakuza game coming out in march or are you talking about a game called just "Dead Souls" ?

UNCyrus1924d ago

Not ramping up the difficulty?

Ares84HU1924d ago

I'm all for difficult games and playing games on hard but Dark Souls is just crazy. I think they should absolutely not make the next game more difficult. This is close to insanity.

Tanir1924d ago

doesnt need to be easier, you just need to play better,

if you can't complete a certain task, then maybe two or 3 blades is better than one?

summon another player to help you, your not limited to yourself, there is help.

trust me, in a way demons souls was harder, sorta, just cuz if u kept dying while human u would get black soul tendancy, which not only gave you less hp, it gave u better drops also, though spawned way stronger enemies.

i love the game how it is, no need to dumb it down

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BattleTorn1924d ago

It's my opinion that the "prepare to die" difficulty-marketing hurts the expansion of it's audience.

Ser1924d ago

I think it helps. It gets people interested.

Everyone likes to overcome a challenge.

BattleTorn1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

no, not everyone. specifically only the hardcore.

and hense the casual trend of the industry; accessibility attracts more audience.

Dark Souls attract the exact opposite; the hardcore.

@DarkBlack, Dark Souls =/= a little challenge

Ser1924d ago

I'm pretty sure that even casual players like to overcome a little challenge.

Iamback1924d ago

lol fu.k no. I was the same. it is bad marketing. People always give up on hard games.

btw my goty so far. I wish sony made Demon SOuls 2, use BR and all the fine stuff (dedicated servers? ) and make it stellar.

admiralvic1924d ago

"I'm pretty sure that even casual players like to overcome a little challenge."

I think you're extremely confused there sparky. I would agree that people enjoy a challenge. No one want's to play a game where you walk to the end without a problem, but the term "challenge" does not suit the "souls" games. Dedication is a lot closer to the point.
Now most people game to have fun and the masses are not dedicated gamer's. Unlike a challenge where some parts are rough... The souls games are completely manageable IF and ONLY IF you understand the mechanics. What works when, What skills work, How to get by enemies, etc. Failing constantly will make many people aggravated and give up.

@ Battletorn

I agree that it is bad marketing. Some see it as a challenge, but most people are not looking to constantly lose. If you market yourself as this insane thing... the "hardcore" gamers will pick it apart, the "causals" will ignore it and the remaining will bicker about how amazing it is.

Ser1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )


Oh, please, guy. You make the Souls games sound as if they're friggin' MMOs, which they are not.

If you can play an Elder Scrolls title, you can play Demon's Souls / Dark Souls. Just don't play stupidly. There's a difference between a casual player and a stupid player.

I've actually gotten a couple of my "casual" friends to give Demon's Souls a run. They never knocked the game for being too hard or difficult, they would instead say things like "Oh, man! I didn't block that guy's swing! Let me try one more time."

Casual gamers like a challenge too. Stop acting as if they're brain-dead mental patients.

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ElementX1924d ago

I think it's good because people know it won't be an easy game just by looking at the box

Getowned1924d ago

well the games not made for the casuals soo why would they worry about it.I see your point but if they didn't do that then casuals would buy it and hate it and probably return it any way.

Kamikaze1351924d ago

I hope it's an even bigger game =X

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