NYCC 2011 Preview: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Gematsu: "Final Fantasy XIII-2 welcomed me at a hotel in Manhattan to a familiar location: Bresha Ruins. Starting off with new character Noel Kriess–a time traveler from the future–and returning character Serah Farron–both of whom make up the game’s duo protagonists–I entered the site to a battle and Paradox: a giant beast called Atlas."

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DA_SHREDDER2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Just thinking about this game makes my head explode. I hope one day they bring the series back to its former glory. Can't wait for the FFX remake, its gonna be so awesome.

Vegivo2620d ago

love that new trailer

GameTavern2620d ago

I'm still shocked this got announced AFTER and is releasing BEFORE Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Godmars2902620d ago

Couldn't get into FFXIII, so what's the point of even trying to get into this one?

I am not giving Square my money for "an apology."

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