BF3 - Semi-Auto Snipers Tweaked, Base Weapon Damage Unchanged, and Improved Mini-Map

DICE has revealed some new information regarding sniper rifles and how they will be tweaked, weapon damage, and HD textures!

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TheBeast2617d ago

I never liked the mini map in the beta, that is just me though.

Criminal2617d ago

I thought it was good, but I'm glad they are fine tuning it even more.

12 days left!

belal2617d ago

Yeah and 8 days left untill batman :D this month is awesome and next month will be even better!

evrfighter2617d ago

Damn mp1st you guys are playing ball with the bigs. nothing but quality articles I've seen from them.

Legion2616d ago

I didn't mind it so much. But I did find it some what of an issue sometimes when spawning into an area to determine which direction was north, south or basically where was the enemy coming from on defense. Especially in the tunnels.

I know they had little green and red boxes that showed spawn points but that didn't assist much in most areas.

iamnsuperman2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

"Many Battlefield fans have already shown concern towards DICE’s decision to make bolt-action rifles a one-shot kill only when striking to the head"

I personally think the two body shot kill should be one shot one kill (or a centre torso mass being one shot one kill with shoulders being two shots for a kill). I guess is discourages campers but then large maps encourage camping snipers

Mister_V2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Yeah that's what we're saying. Fans are concerned that its ONLY a one-hit kill when shooting to the head, otherwise it's two shots anywhere else. :)

Edit: slightly re-worded it. Hopefully it makes more sense!

iamnsuperman2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Yer I re-read it after submitting the comment and I got what was meant only then

Tr0llFace2617d ago

The two short body hit kill for snipers is dumb. In BF2BC i will shoot with a 50cal and not kill the person only for him to escape before i reload. Powerfull snipers are supposed to b 1shot kill not 2-3 shot kill because they escape by the time u reload so whats the point of sniping????

Criminal2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

I guess DICE is trying to teach us how to headshot.

RememberThe3572617d ago

"so whats the point of sniping????"


Legion2616d ago

I would like to see some area specific damage to bodies.

If I get hit in the leg then it should slow me down.(until health kicks in of course)

Shoot me in the arm and maybe my accuracy is lower?

Hit me in the chest and it should slow me down and effect my accuracy.

Hit me in the head... well that should be 1 hit shot 1 kill.

Dart892617d ago

I liked the way the snipers were in the beta but if they gonna tune them i'm all for it.

Mister_V2617d ago

Yeah, I say leave the Bolt-Actions alone, but do tweak the semi-autos a little.

Nitrowolf22617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

The release is so close gah!

Glad to see some more map tuning

man I want batman so bad though, but I'm worried about not getting the dlc and LE of BF3

Criminal2617d ago

This holiday season is just too good to be true. Batman, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, and the list goes on...

2617d ago
KwietStorm2617d ago

Why are you worried? Do you mean you can only get one or the other?

Criminal2617d ago

I think he means either BF3 and Batman or BF3 LE with future DLC.

Nitrowolf22617d ago

Only one for now :( Uncharted 3 is next.
Batman may have ti wait till next year which is terrible for me considering the opening lineup for 2012

Gamer-Z2617d ago

They need to fix the UAV drone because its useless as it is right now you cant spot anything with that shit.

TheGameFoxJTV2617d ago

There was a UAV drone? Man, I missed everything in the Beta.

Mister_V2617d ago

They need to give the Recon more points for using his equipment, I find.

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