Q&A: Matt Costello on video game story writing, Just Cause 2

So how tough is it to write a video game plot? GameSpot AU had a pre-Game Connect Asia Pacific conference chat to novelist and game writer Matt Costello -- the scribe behind such hits as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Doom 3, and classics such as 7th Guest and The 11th Hour -- about some of the challenges of writing that compelling story, branching narratives, and his work on the upcoming Just Cause 2.

Matt Costello on Just Cause and its sequel:

"The problem with Just Cause and some of the reviews was that there were a lot of sub-missions that really didn't have any impact on the story, and to be honest it wasn't anything the writers worked on. It sort of proved the point that everything you do in the game should triangulate back to reinforcing the story, so in Just Cause 2 there's a very interesting system which I can't talk about yet, which will do just that and takes place on the Island of Panal."

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