NeverDead Delayed Until 2012?

"If a rating summary from the British Board of Classification is to be believed, Konami's NeverDead will not make it's original 2011 shipping date. It looks like it's been delayed until 2012."

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zeal0us2559d ago

Won't affect me, because I wasn't plan on getting buying it.

Iroquois_Pliskin2559d ago

so why did you post on a NeverDead article if your not interested in the game?

Quagmire2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

That, kids, is what we like to call the "Troll"

I'm keen on this game, looks like a Suda51 game, but from the devs of the horrible Rogue Warrior game and the underrated Aliens VS Predator game.

It could go either way, so I suppose the delay is good, more time to refine the game.

zerocrossing2559d ago

Well that sucks, Im still looking forward to it though.

pr0digyZA2559d ago

Looks good, although I was going to wait on what the general opinion was. As this game could go either way.