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Yi-Long2616d ago

... and they're ONLY playable if you use the Online Pass that's included with newly purchased copies.

Any brothers and sisters you might have with their own account on your console, are sh*t out of luck.


zerocrossing2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

The whole industry is f*cked up atm, you'd never get this crap 10 years ago, the online pass is a joke!.

Reminds me of when I got Castlevania LoS so my younger brother and I could play but the damn thing only aloud for one save slot, I had fun watching him play but not including multiple save options is a step backwards.

NukaCola2616d ago

This whole Catwomen thing is confusing to me. So she is part of the main story, she breaks up the pacing by allowing you to play as her for different parts in the main game. But you need an online pass to unlock her in the SP or just her challenge rooms? I can't see anyone removing story from the game to force a code on someone. I can only see her Skins or Challenge Rooms locked. This is all bananas. This is not how gaming should be.

BushLitter2616d ago

I remember reading that Arkham City campaign is around 25 hours?

So Catwoman accounts for 2,5 hours of the playthrough. Quite significant

Pikajew2616d ago

This will cost it GOTY

MastaMold2616d ago

Does anyone want to play as Catwomen? I know I don't

drosera12616d ago

It's "Catwoman", not "Catwomen", she is one female. And, yes, i certainly would like to play as her. Are you a child by any chance?

Sugreev20012616d ago

Catwoman is not exactly my favorite character in the Batman universe,but I'll give Rocksteady the benefit of the doubt.

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