PS3 Themes celebrates 10.000 members in 1 week

Less than 1 week after the launch of PS3 Themes, and despite the server problems, the site reached 10.000 members today.

They also launched a new HD wallpaper section with exclusive high quality wallpapers for the PS3. All the wallpapers are made for the XMB and can be used together with the themes to achieve the perfect PS3 XMB.

All the files can be downloaded from the PlayStation 3 browser.

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MaximusPrime_4042d ago

im a member. ;)

So glad that Sony allowed custom themes on PS3.

Im currently using Final fantasy 7 theme.

Robotz Rule4042d ago

signing up now.

Hopefully more people will get involved w PS3 custom themes :)

Agente474042d ago

Check out the Porsche Wallpaper, my favorite :)

jtmill074042d ago

The Kill zone and God of War ones are sweet.

Thunders104042d ago

I signed up in the first day and since then i've been monitoring the new themes, some are pretty sweet. The Porshe one is indeed pretty nice, one of my favorites.


Now keep on the good work

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The story is too old to be commented.