Rage Review (Goozernation)

Rage is an interesting fps, one part Borderlands, one part Fallout, and one part generic fps all come together. Rage's upgrade system, active inventory, and story make it stand out from the crowded fps market. Rage is the perfect game for an fps fan who is looking for something a little different.

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JimmyJames702618d ago

I do want to play this one, even though some critics bashed it.

lsujester2618d ago

It's a fun game. It has it's issues, like some truly ridiculous texture pop-in, but it's at least worth renting for a few days.

Mr Tretton2618d ago

depends on your platform.

Perjoss2618d ago

My 2nd favorite game so far this year after deus ex, also one of the best looking games i've seen on current gen consoles.

kube002618d ago

Its a decent game, you may want to wait until it hits $30

TheDivine2618d ago

Really great game. I think some people were expecting fallout or borederlands, this is a fps not rpg. Its a fps with driving to get to levels, some loot, upgradable everything lol. Im in subwaytown and the levels here are fantastic, really hard though in parts. Really glad i bought it instead of renting because i wouldve rushed through it and missed half the missions and cool stuff.

Grimhammer002618d ago

Took me 22hrs to finish with 70% trophies...missed a few near the beginning. And loved every minute of it!!!

Pintheshadows2618d ago

I really enjoyed it as well. The people who didn't are the ones who came into it blindly expecting Borderlands or Fallout just because of the setting. And due to their own misconceptions are calling the game things like trash and 3/10.

Those people are the worst.

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