Famitsu: Scans of Namco's new Wii RPG: Fragile, and Etrain Odessey 2.

Scans of Namco's new Wii RPG: Fragile, and Etrain Odessey 2.

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Prismo_Fillusion4040d ago

The graphics of Fragile look really good from the scans! I've never heard of either game, but I'm impressed from what I see here.

Relcom4040d ago

was capable to do THOSE kind of graphics. And what i mean by THOSE is good.... No offense Wii owners. Goes to show what they can do when they take there time and put in some effort for a game on the Wii.

purin4040d ago

Yes, I'm sure you meant no offense at all -__-;

ChickeyCantor4040d ago

" I didn't think the Wii...was capable to do THOSE kind of graphics"
Like many others that are screaming its weaker then a ps2.

no gamer knows exactly what a Wii is capable of.

Devr4040d ago

Fragile has amazing art!

theoneandonly4040d ago

NAMCO has done it again with fresh new IP projects instead of Rehashed sequels, ETERNAL SONATA was great and now this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Closet FANBOYS its time to admit it, the XBOX 360 has done VERY good in Japan & for the newcomer its done great.


Its sold over half a million consoles, thats far far better than the XBOX ever got and it has three freakin' different versions of IDOL MASTER on top of that!!!!!!!!!!

And ABSOLUTE BLAZING INFINITY, an Atlus published game is another RPG exclusive that is easily just as good as Eternal Sonata. ETERNAL SONATA was great for NAMCO, and NAMCO does great new RPGs.

Even my OTAKU wearing friend has to admit 360 has done pretty damn well in JAPAN, in comparison. In fact its outperformed the original PLAYSTATION 1, it has a huge number of original games out for it, and has yet to release its own FINAL FANTASY 7.

It has nothing on the other well known PLAYSTATION 3 yet, but that can quickly change too. The highest software sales for games ACE COMBAT 6 & IDOL MASTER LIVE were on the XBOX 360.

Fact of the matter is this console will be SOLD OUT IN JAPAN this CHRISTMAS when LOST ODYSSEY special editions are released, and the brand new GUNDAM WING: INTERNATIONAL SAGA will be sold out as well.

That is a success right there no questions. The only place the 360 flopped was in AFRICA, AFAIK its not even sold 100,000 units there.......LOL!!!!

Times are changing, I would prefer the 360 just dominate North America because its definitely the NORTH AMERICAN console with all the shooters & free roaming games........and still do pretty well in Japan.

And oh, I want to bet that THE LAST REMNANT completely sells out. FF13 was delayed until 2009 it looks like.

But for me and alot of other gamers, FF13 ought to go multiplatform and so should Mass Effect. The sales will be much higher & LAST REMNANT will prove this. To me all of the gamers should be able to experience both these games, regardless of the system they own.

And then all the rumors stop........360 stays the leader in NORTH AMERICA:PS3 off somewhere in second, and the PS3 with all its Japanese games, stays the leader in JAPAN with 360 off in second place. I would hope more than anything this could happen. Then forget everything else, the WII can stick to g-d damn europe and NAMCO can make ALL the RPGs they want for Microsoft or Sony........... =P

Relcom4040d ago

are you talking about

john_doe4040d ago

I think you lost the point of the discussion here...

FelicityOldGamer4040d ago


Very impressive! Another good game for the Wii next year... and the list is growing!

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