CVG - Dark Souls isn't broken - You are

CVG - John Dean thinks gamers have gone soft – and the age of hand-holding needs to end

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koehler832621d ago

I thought we had this conversation 2 years ago.

Anon19742621d ago

I eventually had to sell Demon's Souls after my second playthru, not because I wasn't loving it but because I needed to force myself to play something else. This game was like crack.

I'm holding out buying this until the project I'm working on currently has been completed. There aren't many games these days that this old gamer has problems pulling himself away from, but if Dark Souls is anything like the previous title, I'd best set aside a block of my life before buying it. :)

FunAndGun2621d ago

Dark Souls is like crack with a sprinkling of angle dust.

you and your life have been warned!

DirtyLary2620d ago

moderation is your friend. Go buy it.

darren_poolies2621d ago

Completely agree, nice read.

LightofDarkness2621d ago

Honestly, if every game was this hard, I'd probably stop playing a lot of them. It requires too much commitment of time, and I don't have that much of it between work, social life and music as well as games.

gillri2621d ago

thats why im waiting for a barren spell next summer, will buy it then

Canary2621d ago

It's not hard, it just has a steep learning curve.

Personally, I'm sick of people claiming these games are hard just because of the artificial difficulty induced by way of the low HP bar and trial-and-error gameplay. Enemy AI is just as bad in DS as in any other game; enemy attacks are just as predictable as in any other game. The only real difference between DS and random game C is that random game C doesn't expect the player to die, ever, and in DS player death is part of the gameplay experience.

Dacapn2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

You must have just started gaming this gen. I remember buying games during the sega genesis days. You bought them not knowing if you'd ever be able to beat them, but that's how things were. Some of the games I had didn't get beaten till like a year or two after I'd purchased them. So with all the other things going on, you try once, if you fail, try again next time. The whole hand holding thing has made most games boring in my opinion. I'd rather just watch a movie most of the time.


You're half right. The AI isn't necessarily anything special, it's more so that the game is just unforgiving. Where in most games you'll find and invisible wall, in DS you'll just fall of the cliff and die. Where in most games the enemies scale with you, in DS they are what they are and you can either defeat them now or you can't. DS just took out all the sugarcoating and made a game that is what it is. It's not so much that you enemies do a ton of damage, it's that you're a low level so you're defense is weak, your attack is're weak. You level and get better, if you really want to you can go back and lay the smackdown on the enemies that used to toss you around.

LightofDarkness2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Yeah, that must be it, I must've started gaming this gen. That's the only explanation, right?

Or it could be that I'm not 8 anymore and don't have 6-8 hours a day to devote to playing a videogame. I cut my teeth on Ninja Gaiden and Megaman, and I've beaten every single one, even the Zero games on GBA. I beat the original NG on the NES when I was 8 or so, and did the same with NG Black (Master Ninja) on the Xbox many years later.

That's the problem I'm starting to see with this game: presumptuous and condescending Souls fanboys. Nobody is allowed to have any criticism of this game without being labelled as a casual gamer or a "n00b." And I'm sure many are afraid to say anything less they be shunned and ridiculed by their "totally hardcore" peers (and gamers labelling themselves as "hardcore" is another laughable development this gen, but that's for another time).

Anyway, go ahead kids, spam that disagree button.

Dacapn2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I work, have a life, go to school, and when I have an hour or two to spare, I pop in DS and if I progress, great; if I don't, then I guess I'll have to try to again the next time I have a spare hour or two. You say time is your issue. Who said you have to play this game 6-8 hours a day? Just say it's too hard of a game or say it's not your type of game. Or say that you don't want to spend time playing the game, but don't give me that "it's too time consuming" bs. The game isn't time consuming, you consume too much time playing the game. Your excuse leads to the assumption that you either can't say what you mean, or you just started gaming today, and can't manage your time.

2621d ago
LightofDarkness2621d ago

You must have aching saddle sores from that high horse of yours. I don't need an "excuse", it's a video game, not a bloody legal mandate.

I didn't say I wasn't playing the game. I also didn't say it's not my kind of game. I just said it's not perfect and I wouldn't want every game I play to require the same commitment and tip-toeing progression. But no, to people like you that's a blatant attack on it's perfection, and must be met with snide comments and a swift glance down your nose at the offending parties.

Dacapn2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Well there you go. You don't want every game to have slow progression. Now you're saying what you mean, and you're making sense now.

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Psychotica2621d ago

The good thing is that you are not required to finish in a short time. Who cares if it takes weeks, months or even a year or two?

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MeatAbstract2621d ago

I would like to see more games like the Souls series. The gaming industry is massive enough to cater for everyones tastes, I just wish they'd cater to the masochistic a bit more.

Loving this game - it's everything I expected it to be and more.

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