SOE Chooses Kynapse for DC Comics MMO

Sony Online Entertainment has licensed Kynogon's Kynapse AI middleware for its upcoming DC Comics MMO.

John Blakely, VP of development at SOE's Austin, Texas studio, said Kynogon's technology will be instrumental in helping the development team deal with the complexities faced when developing online games.

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Skerj4041d ago

Glad to see development is still progressing on this, let's see if it can be more entertaining than City of Heroes/Villains.

solar4041d ago

what didnt u like about CoH? personally i had a ton of fun with the game. sure it had a lot of problems, but i thought the power sets were pretty cool. leading raids got ridiculous because there was almost always someone hating, and the pvp was as unbalanced as WoW imo. stone/radiation controller ftw!

Skerj4041d ago

I loved CoH/CoV, I just got tired of the constant combat grind but they kind of alleviated that in the recent months. My previous statement was more of a credit to CoH than it was an insult, sorry if I didn't come across that way. I'm hoping DC has the world scale, the tightened combat, some sort of crafting/inventing, and almost most importantly the character creation. If so then they have a customer in me.

Myth4041d ago

"I just got tired of the constant combat grind but they kind of alleviated that in the recent months."

How so? I remember it being very repetitive.

solar4041d ago

ya? i found the grind easier than WoW. once you hit lvl 45 i could reach 50 in a day doing AV battles. too bad they didnt have more of a technique to take them down, ala WoW boss battles.

plus the graphics were sick. making your own toon the way you wanted was fun....i won a lot of costume contests :D

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Darkiewonder4041d ago

Awesome! To think it was going to become cancelled because lack of information!